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02/26/2016 at 10:56pm EST

Hello- How are you? I am fine. No, really. I am fine. I. Have. No. Twitches. Based. On. Anything. Red. Wings. Related. Background you ask? Well I am a four time Stanley Cup Champion. I have been to the playoffs 24 years in a row. I have won six conference Championships and the Presidents Trophy six times as well. What else? 16 Division Championships, Cool. March 26th 1997. Yea I was there, anything else you need to know about my background. Well I am 35 and have been a Red Wings fan since 1990. Was I a player or a coach or any part of the team during those years? No. The 19 people who are reading this understand. To be a Red Wings fan is to be......No not to be. It is life. I remember the Dead Wings. It wasn’t essential in my life at the time but I remember it. My first real memories are watching Steve Yzerman play on Play (Comcast Play?) Network. It was fuzzy. Maybe it was CBC. Rock 'em Sock 'em Hockey with Don Cherry. However, my first real emotion was 1995. The stupid lockout or strike or whatever. It sucked. I WANTED my Red Wings. I was 14. I got my wish and we destroyed the league. Awesome. And then we met the New Jersey Devils. Wow. 4 games, really? That was emotion to the 10th level. I won’t go through anything past '95 because once again, the 19 know it. When you fall in love with, well, anything at 14/15 it sticks with you for life. No matter how much it breaks your heart. Just ask the girl I was in love with at 15. I still talk to her even though she is married with three kids.

So why am I writing this you might ask. In fact, you might ask what the f#*$ is this even about. Well it's about Stan Bowman and Dale Weise. Kind of. Its more about the negativity towards this Detroit team that I cannot take any longer. I understand criticism. I can appreciate it and a lot of times agree with it. We are a spoiled bunch of fans. We expect a baseline of greatness and we feel... entitled. When I discovered this site in '08 (I'm not researching the accuracy of that) I found a group of people that were as passionate as me. I couldn’t believe it. I saw the Joe full every night. I saw the craziness through the cup runs in the late 90's. But I have never met anyone as passionate as me. And I have followed you. The great 19 led by The Master Chief. Mr. Malik. Paul the Emperor. Katie, JJ, Gramps and continue the list of the 19. I follow and I follow and I follow. I used to comment a lot in live blogs but I stopped. I read comments everyday but I stopped. Here comes Twitter. I followed you all but I stopped (not everyone but some) because holy hell, the negativity. It came on STRONG in 1999 but we didn’t have social media like today. Then '03. Fine. Skip to '09-Current. Why are we so negative? We have been so lucky as fans. As Red Wings fans. Kenny Holland went from hero to zero somehow. It used to change year to year. Now its day to day. We win the man is a genius. We lose? TRADE THEM ALL. We win, we have the Cinderella team this year. We lose? F JIMMAH, TRADE NYQUIST, FIRE BLASHILL. Maybe it isn’t the fans. Maybe its social media. Maybe we have all felt this up and down but never had an outlet. I don’t know. I love this team. Win or lose. Sure, I get emotional and I wonder what the hell are we doing at times. I want Andrew Ladd. Can't we get Erik Karlesson? Let’s trade for the entire Blackhawks team. What we can't?! F KENNY HOLLAND!!! It is out of control.

Tonight I watched the Red Wings/Avalanche Alumni Game and it.... SUCKED WE LOST!!! OUR ALUMNI LOST TO THE AVS? BYE KENNY! BYE HOWARD! BYE FELICA! Wait wait wait. The real game is tomorrow. We can get some points. NO WE CAN’T! WE ARENT THE BLACKHAWKS!!!! AHHHHRHRHRHRHRHGHGHG. I love you Red Wings fans. I value your views, opinions and emotions. I want to be a part of our inside group. However, Life is difficult enough. There is so much madness in this world. The Wings are here for our pleasure. I won’t say they play a kid’s game because that is something we use when we need to throw away our emotions. We follow them because we love them. For some reason. For me it was when we lost. I was pissed. I wanted to win. And this team did. So will we win the Cup this year? I don’t know. That isn't the point is it? This is our team. This is my team. I should know. I have been here for 25 years.

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