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Hockey on Google+ ?

02/17/2012 at 11:45am EST

By now I’m sure most of you are at least aware of Google’s social network in Google+. It has not taken over Facebook by storm, but has actually done quite well with certain niches. Tech-types love it (my Tech circle son their are insane with activity), and so do photographers and artists, and so on.

The one niche I have never been able to find on G+ though is sports, specifically hockey.

Are there any hockey reporters, bloggers, writers, etc, on Google+ to follow? I have yet to find any. And quite frankly, I would prefer G+ to Twitter even because Twitter’s mobile clients have gotten just awful and clunky (while G+‘s Android client has gotten fast and slick in the last few updates). And as for Facebook… the less said about it (and its awful mobile clients), the better.

If you know of any writers, bloggers, hockey media types, etc, to follow on G+, could you please post them? I’d like to get a Hockey Circle going, and I’m sure some others would like to get a Hockey Circle going as well. G+ seems like the perfect place for this sort of thing…


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