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Hawks fans Alert!

03/04/2010 at 3:22pm EST

This is basically a copy n paste from the website I blog on but I just really wanted to share it with fellow Hawk fans as I feel it is something we should address.

The Chicago Black Hawks thwarted the much ridiculed Edmonton Oilers by a score of 5-2 last night in front of yet another massive crowd at the United Center. The Oilers have been an injury plagued team all season and last night had an extra thin roster via a couple trades earlier in the day.

It really was not much of a match against the Hawks last night. Rookie goaltender Devyn Dubnyk played extremely well keeping the club from the province of tar sands in the game. Hossa, Kane, Toews, Kopecky, Keith and Seabrook were all honored prior to the drop of the puck for their achievements at the Olympic games.

Moving on, the Hawks were one of the most talked about teams prior to the trade deadline in regards to the moves the team would possibly make. There were literally hundreds of different possible scenarios that they should or should not have done according to many fans, bloggers, writers and media. With that said, the Blackhawks did not one thing at the trade deadline leaving many Hawk fans shocked and now worried about the not only the playoff run this year but the upcoming off-season.

What can Chicago and loyal fans do about this situation at hand with the Hawks doing nothing? We can simply get behind our club and cheer them on being supportive for every single player on the team. Yes that’s right including Christobal Huet and Antii Niemi! Both of these class act characters have been under the gun all season taking vicious criticism from the hockey world. If fans do not think NHL players read or hear all the negative/positive criticism towards them you have thought wrong. I will acknowledge going back to last year I was one of the guys who was petrified when Huet was in net; that’s right I was petrified. I have changed my tune a tad since then realizing that he is an NHL goaltender trying his damnedest to play well and win over the support of Chicago followers.

The negativity the majority of fans throw at players I guarantee effects their thought process. If we the fans were to jump on board and really support our guys there is no doubt the performances would elevate. Try putting yourself in a situation similar to this.

-You are paid big dollars for your job that you do day in and day out

- co-workers and others do nothing but talk smack behind your back. Although some show you support you know they are still being two faced about it

-You feel you are making your best attempt to earn your money, prove to co-workers who make less then you that you make this much for a reason yet find yourself stumbling due to the added pressure.

Ok I get it, being an NHL player is different then working in your local Albert’s restaurant flipping eggs and pancakes from grumpy patrons and deciding to throw a hair in the food of the complainers or not.

In my most humble opinion I would love to see the Hawk fans get behind the team and really support and push these guys no matter how you feel about individual player’s and I will give you the TKON guarantee (and that is good as gold) that these guys will perform better. If one of our goaltenders let’s in a soft goal perhaps try chanting HUET HUET HUET instead of “boo you suck”, “sieve”, or “get to the minors you POS”. Support and negativity is much better then heckle and profanity.

Like it or not this is the team we are going to try to win the Stanley Cup with and that is the bottom line and I understand the frustration of years and years of Mediocre Hawks teams and even underachieving Chicago Cubs teams but really all we can do is try to be as supportive as we as fans can be.

I will admit I have been just as critical on players as much as the next person but it’s time for myself and others to change their tune and push this Chicago BlackHawk team (which arguably is the best Hawks clubs going back to the 1960’s or even the 1992 season).

Thanks for reading,


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