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Dustin Penner: He's Not THAT Good

11/02/2011 at 11:07pm EDT

Yahoo`s Puck Daddy decided to dedicate more time than deserved to the lazy-sack-of-crap Dustin Penner, wondering why/when Penner is going to start producing for the Kings.

Ever since the Oilers delivered trucks of money to Penner to join their club, the guy has been, somewhat unfairly, expected to be a premium goal scorer in the NHL. Remember, Penner was undrafted and never given much notice until the Ducks gave him a shot. I`d never reject that kind of money thrown my way, but that doesn`t necessarily mean he was worth that much or would ever produce enough value.

A quick answer to Greg, and anyone else holding their breath: Stop expecting Penner to be a good player.

Look at Penner`s career stats. It`s pretty clear what his true level of play is.

What do people expect/hope Penner to be? A 30-goal, 60-point impact player, at the very least.
What is Penner really? A 45-point second-line winger with motivational issues. 4 of his 5 five full seasons show remarkable consistency, and it is obvious that his 60-point season was the outlier.

Penner is now 29-years old, and has 5 full seasons + under his belt. He is not terribly physical for a “Power Forward”, he has been given loads of ice time throughout his career, and has constantly needed a kick in the ass.

It`s time to stop expecting Penner to be a premier goal scorer and realize he is a second-line non-impact winger. Just admit you got stood up for your date and go home.

Sure, that is not what the Kings and Oilers paid for, but it is what they got.

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