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Can we please have a moratorium on any Tim Thomas posts?

01/30/2012 at 12:46pm EST

I’m so sick of the political BS on this forum. I watch hockey to escape the soul crushing state of the world. Enough. Put a pin in it. There’s plenty of places to demonize your neighbors and treat them as some kind of alien thing. This isn’t it. I want to hate you for liking the St. Louis Blues, or something equally as silly where the hate is a facade. I want to be called arrogant because my favorite team is the greatest team in all of sports. I don’t like seeing political views distorted and getting distilled AM radio comments on my favorite hockey blog.

It seems every time Thomas gets mentioned, certain posters feel it is their duty to defend Thomas (as if he needs it) or attack “libs,” “libtards” or some other variation of the enemy-other people construct to make it easier to attack or dismiss other views. It isn’t helpful. It isn’t constructive. It makes me think less of you when I read the silly knee-jerk political hack-job you post. Hockey is supposed to bring us together (at least as far as the rivalry lines anyway). This is a toxic subject, and is the worst aspect of Thomas’ rejection of the invitation.

One last thing, I have a MA in a social science directly related to politics. I’ve read way too much and studied this stuff for a long time. I deal with these subjects professionally, I have a full-time job where I teach and discuss this stuff. I don’t want to feel like I’m working when I check into KK. This is the site I hit when I’m supposed to be working and don’t want to deal with stuff like Tim Thomas and the White House.

So can we give it a rest?

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