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A Letter from Leaf Fans

10/25/2010 at 4:53pm EDT

Dear Toronto Maple Leafs,

Please stop sucking. This city of 5.5 million people needs you.

Think of us like Gotham City. In ruins.

We have not seen a playoff game since the 2003-2004 season. There are people in this city who have never been old enough to legally see a Leaf Playoff game in a bar even though they are over 19.

Over the course of the last 6 years of post-season drought, we have bought each of your new jerseys (home, away and third), bought tickets to the games, spent thousands of dollars on bar tabs and planned the parade route each year (we’re keeping the blueprints because obviously this is the year right?).

It gets worse. Our basketball team sucks. Our greatest moment in that sport was when Vince Carter missed a buzzer beater in Game 7 of the Conference Semi-Finals about 9 years ago. Our baseball team is in the toughest division in all of sports so we can never see a damn playoff game. We don’t have a football team (no the Argonauts don’t count, you imbeciles). As bad as that is, the NFL dangles the Bills in our faces every year as if they’re coming over any time soon. The only taste of a championship we have had since the 1993 World Series win by the Blue Jays has been by the Toronto Argonauts (again the CFL does not count) and the Toronto Rock (our Lacrosse team. Yes you heard that right. We here in Toronto are clinging to Lacrosse for our Sports fanatic needs).

It’s not easy. It’s painful. Year-by-year watching the beloved sports teams of other cities lift that championship trophy in every sport is downright painful.

So at the beginning of this season, I’m coming to you with a request, on behalf of everyone that makes up Leaf Nation. Just make the playoffs. That is all. Give this city SOMETHING to cheer for.

We don’t need a masked, caped superhero to save us. Even 8th seed in the East will do.


The Average Leaf Fan

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