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A Hat Trick of Ideas to Consider

11/16/2010 at 10:00am EST

With the changing format of the All-Star Game, maybe it’s time to consider some other new interesting ideas around the NHL.

First, on the issue of flagrant diving (ala Phil Kessel). To address diving, which has no place in an honorable, men’s game, provide the league with the ability to suspend a player without pay for an indisputable, flagrant dive. This will send a strong signal to all the divers out there
that won’t take the risk of fine and suspension.

Second, the issue of awarding three points for an overtime/shootout game. Rather than the current format of awarding one point each in regulation time to both teams and an extra point for an overtime/shootout win for a total of three points, here’s a better potential solution. Award each team a half point after a regulation tie. Award a full extra point for the overtime/shootout winner. Winning team gets 1.5 points The losing team gets a half point (0.5 point). This would encourage teams to win in regulation and end the frustration of fans/teams with the awarding of three point games. Three point games are especially frustrating down the playoff stretch as team trying to catch a team in a playoff positions are disadvantaged by the awarding of three points.

The last issue deals with Sean Avery. My suggestion that in the next game the Rangers play versus Boston on Thursday night, one Bruin player should be encouraged to confront Avery eye-to-eye preferedly at center ice, and tell Avery he better be prepared to fight and defend himself. Whether he chooses to fight or not, the opposing player should go at him. This player will gain the respect, admiration and friendship of every player in the league (but one) and will even have the Rangers banging their stick on the boards. This rotton “apple” has gotten away with too much for to long. Behind the scenes the league, hockey ops, and refs would be clapping and giving high five’s. Guys like that don’t deserve to be in the game and give the league a black eye. This is quite a shame as Avery does have some talent, but he never learns.

What do you think KK readers???

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