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Who Said This?

"I regret we were not able to secure an agreement sooner in the process and avoid the unfortunate distractions to the game."

A. Roger Goodell, NFL Commissioner referring to the officials contract talks


B. Gary Bettman, sometime in the next year.

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Afternoon Line

For the 21st century owner, removing the general public as the main source of income allows the operation of a sports team to be conducted free of the restraints of what the general public would consider decency. The NFL hires scab refs, saves money on its officiating budget, and the financial blowback from a few disgruntled fans tuning out is negligible. The NHL locks out its players for a full season, comes back, and revenues go up 50 percent over the course of the next collective bargaining agreement, while player salaries stay near pre-2004 levels. If there is a way to make more money, and owners think they can get away with it, they will, up to and including pharmacy magnate Daryl Katz—with public funding already agreed to for a new arena in Edmonton—taking a trip to Seattle in a blatant attempt, during a lockout no less, to blackmail the public back in Alberta into further lining his pockets.

-Jesse Spector of The Sporting News where you can read more on the NHL Lockout and the NFL replacement refs...

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Video- Offensive Push

Golden Tate of the Seattle Seahawks had the greatest offensive push last night since Brendan Shanahan moved Warren Rychel out of the crease in 1997.

First the Shanny push followed below by the Tate push, hopefully the 2nd video lasts...


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Both Are Violent Sports

from George Diaz of the Orlando Sentinel,

Controversy and chaos swirl around commissioner Gary Bettman, who had the gall to say recently that “the vital signs are good” in the NHL. Apparently, he must not be reading the medical charts from all the players with concussions and other injuries in the blood sport that masquerades as hockey.

Yes, hockey is a violent sport. And so is football.

And this is exactly where the two tales of two commissioners take opposite paths.

Goodell addresses violence with a sense of focus and authority. Bettman walks around aimlessly, an emperor with no clothes and not much of a spine for discipline. Ditto for his sidekick, Brendan Shanahan, the league’s chief disciplinarian.

Goodell doesn’t put up with any nonsense. Just ask the New Orleans Saints, a franchise that went bounty-hunting a few years back only to find out that cosmic payback can be brutally painful. The head coach is gone for a year, the GM for eight games (and possibly much more). Players are going to feel the wrath, too.

This is how you run a business in which players are your greatest assets. Vigilante justice will not be tolerated. Players must be protected.

The NHL business model doesn’t care much for players. Let them suffer concussions. Let them bleed. Let careers be ended in violent mayhem. It hurts branding if you “sissify” the game.

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NFL Fans, Try The NHL

from John Buccigross of ESPN,

• Unknown female rappers will never pollute Game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals. The game is the thing.

• You have diva wide receivers. We don’t have any divas except for some broadcasters. Diva players end up in the AHL. And then end up dating an extra from a “Warrant” video.

• Your referee’s microphones always work when announcing penalties and rulings. Our microphones are Kiwanis Club-quality with a 25 percent success rate. The NHL also does not have an Ed Hochuli orator who can explain rulings in an encyclopedic manner that qualifies as performance art. Little League PA systems sound better than the NHL’s. Your referees have law degrees. Ours stopped going to school at 16 to play junior hockey in Saskatoon. Personally, I prefer the good ol’ point to center ice or incomplete-pass signal when giving the results of a video review.


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Making The Decision To Go To The Quiet Room

via Chris Mortensen of ESPN,

As a direct result of the Cleveland Browns’ failure to test quarterback Colt McCoy for a concussion on the sideline during a game, the NFL will alert all 32 teams that, effective this week, an independently certified athletics trainer will be assigned to monitor all suspected concussion-related injuries, a league official confirmed Tuesday.

The independent trainers will be paid by the NFL and approved by the NFL Players Association, according to league spokesman Greg Aiello.

The trainer’s sole purpose will be to oversee the treatment of any possible concussions and ensure that the medical staffs on each sideline are following proper league protocol and testing for any head trauma. During the game, the trainers will be situated in an upstairs booth with direct communication access to each team’s sideline.

In the NHL, it is up to the team trainer to decide if a player should go to the “quiet room” for additional testing.  Would it help if someone independent was brought in to make that decision?

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Phil Esposito Discusses NFL CBA

from Ira Kaufman of the Tampa Tribune,

“Why should we begrudge these owners, who pay exorbitant amounts for their franchise and pay out salaries and debt on their stadiums, a decent return on their investment?’’ said Esposito, who served as president of the NHL Players Association during his final two seasons as a player, more than 30 years ago.

In 2004, shortly after the Lightning paraded the Stanley Cup through the streets of downtown Tampa, the NHL turned to an outside counsel by the name of Bob Batterman to assist in talks with the NHLPA.

If you’ve been watching TV updates on pro football’s ongoing labor dispute, you saw NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell walking into a Washington office building last week accompanied by his league’s outside counsel.

Yes, that Bob Batterman.

“If you really want to bring about a major change in the way you do business, shut it down,’’ a longtime NHL executive told me, referring to the NFL’s labor strife. “Shut the game down for a year and NFL owners will get what they want — on their terms.’‘


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Comparing The NHL To The NFL

from Allan Maki of the Globe and Mail,

There are no yard-markers in hockey, no punts, no such thing as a quarterback sneak or fans trying to tear down the goal posts. But there is something trending between hockey and football and it goes beyond big, angry men hitting each other with hazardous intent.

In a multitude of ways, the National Hockey League is becoming more like the National Football League. More reliant on coaching. More prone to systems. More dependent on video – lots and lots of video, before games, during games, on off days and travel days.

It’s not a drastic makeover, it’s more a subtle shift. Look at how NHL teams have expanded their number of assistant coaches over the years, even at the minor-league level. There are positional coaches, specialty coaches, strength and conditioning coaches. There are coaches scouting opponents and game-day coaches watching from the press box in communication with coaches on the players’ bench.


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Is The NHL System Working?

from Terry Frei of the Denver Post,

Last season, the Avalanche’s Matt Duchene — the No. 3 choice in the 2009 draft — made $900,000 in salary and his cap hit, because of potential bonuses, was $3.4 million. It’s a bit tricky because the NHL draft age is 18 (oversimplifying), and only the very elite step right into the NHL rather than remaining in major junior hockey or heading to college for a year or four.

That kind of “reasonable” deal makes the NFL jealous, not so much because of the dollar figure (everyone knows the NFL figures would be multiplied many-fold), but the concept of making rookies, even the most accomplished and highly prized, wait their turns.

There isn’t a lot of cross-ownership in the NBA and NHL, but I’m surprised that Stan Kroenke and Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, for example, haven’t more forcefully said in NBA meetings: “You know, the hockey system is working. It’s relatively simple, it has held up, and it makes sense for everybody.” Now Kroenke can go into NFL meetings and say the same things.

The horses are out of the barns in some ways. The football and basketball players associations aren’t going to just say: “Sure!”

But the NHL has a system that’s working.


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Sports Marketing Double-Take

From Darren Rovell at CNBC’s SportsBiz:

imageA blog reader writes in today to tell us how similar the “NHL Face Off 2008” logo was to this year’s “NFL Kickoff 2008” logo.

It’s kind of ridiculous how similar they look. Have we really run out of logos? I know no idea is really original, but I hope the person who put this one together at the NHL didn’t get any sort of credit for it.

Rovell is apparently suggesting the NHL’s work is a knock-off of the NFL’s earlier logo. I’ll leave it to readers to decide, but he might have a point…

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NBC Gets Burned with NFL Championship Games

Do you hear that sound, that faint beeping noise that sounds like a heart monitor at a hospital?  The pulse was flowing pretty steady, but now it’s basically in that last moment between life and death?  That’s the buzz that NBC had gotten for it’s coverage of the NHL’s Winter Classic, and it’s dying.  Fast.  And the NFL is to blame.

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Hockey Or Football

from Erin Nicks at the Ottawa Sun,

I can’t choose between the NFL and NHL.

I know you’re thinking that any sports fan would never be pressured to decide. Honestly, I thought it was a non-issue as well, until I had to deal with the Denver Broncos and Senators playing simultaneously on Monday night. The two teams I follow the most with respective opponents of their own (Tennessee and Montreal), yet I was forced to pit them against each other—eyeglasses perched on the tip of my nose as I feebly attempted to magnify the television’s picture-in-picture


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