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Did You Expect Anything Different?

from Joe Haggerty of NBCSports Boston,

It’s been a bad couple of weeks for the Boston Bruins — and more importantly, it’s been even worse for their employees.

First, the Bruins were lambasted by the Massachusetts Attorney General for being the last team in the NHL to account for any kind of financial assistance for their TD Garden and Bruins employees once the regular season was put on pause by the coronavirus.

Now, Delaware North — the parent company for both TD Garden and the Bruins — is among the first NHL teams to announce sweeping layoffs and cuts to arena and hockey club employees on their payroll.

Delaware North announced that as of April 1, 2020, 68 of their full-time salaried associates will be placed on temporary leave, receiving one week of paid leave and eight weeks of full benefits.

Additionally, as of April 1, 82 of their full-time salaried associates will receive an indefinite salary reduction, while contracted employees obviously were not impacted.

It’s perhaps easier to say this when it’s not your own money, but there is no defending that kind of move with so many Americans headed for financial peril due to the global coronavirus pandemic.


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Afternoon Line- Jeremy Jacobs On The CBA

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What Will Jeremy Jacobs’ Legacy Be?

from Kevin Paul Dupont of the Boston Globem

Jeremy Jacobs, who revealed this past week that he has transferred ownership of the Bruins to his six children, was sole proprietor of the NHL franchise for 44 years, stepping back in recent months as his 80th birthday approaches in January.

Jacobs’s tenure, which began in August 1975, ran virtually in lockstep length with that of Tom Yawkey, who purchased the Red Sox and Fenway Park in February 1933 (cost: $1.25 million) and was seen regularly in his rooftop owner’s box up until the weeks leading to his death in July 1976.

It remains to be seen how Jacobs’s legacy will be viewed over time, both in Boston and around the NHL. Well into the first quarter-century of his ownership, he was villainized as an absentee skinflint, interested far more in shaping the franchise into a cash cow than investing in the player talent that could vie for Stanley Cup championships.

continued plus more hockey topics...

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Jeremy Jacobs Met With The Media Today

from Rich Thompson of the Boston Herald,

The quality of the officiating in the NHL playoffs is a subject matter with staying power in the offseason.

“I think we’re professional sports and I think we suffer with what all professional sports are trying to get done,” Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs, who serves on the NHL Board of Governors, said Tuesday at a Garden press conference.

“We are trying to be perfect without interfering with the game. We try and make all the correct judgments and it’s clear we are not there yet. That’s pretty vague but I’m going to stay that way.”

The Bruins were the victims of several dubious calls over the course of four series against the Toronto Maple Leafs, Columbus Blue Jackets, Carolina Hurricanes and St. Louis Blues.

Jacobs addressed the delicate balance of maintaining the integrity of play on the ice without saturating the game with endless video reviews that take away from fan enjoyment.

“I think we will see some real changes and I’m hopeful that we can do it better in a very quick way,” said Jeremy Jacobs. “It is important that this game not be interrupted but at what cost.”


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Reading Between The Lines Of Jeremy Jacobs

from Ken Campbell of The Hockey News,

So when Jacobs says Quebec City is “challenged” as a future NHL site, he’s actually saying, “Quebec City will never get an expansion team. The best the nice people of Quebec can expect is for their lovely city to be a landing spot for a team, preferably one already in the Eastern Conference, that needs to get out of Dodge immediately. We will use them the same way we used Winnipeg seven years ago. Like Quebec, we didn’t particularly want to go there, but it was a quick fix.”

Likewise, when Jacobs says, “Clearly the one area that is missing is Houston because that’s a great city,” what he’s actually saying is, “Hey, Tilman Fertitta, get your ducks in a row because, as of this moment, consider yourself to be auditioning to join the club.”

Jeremy Jacobs is arguably the most powerful man in hockey. He is chairman of the league’s board of governors, but more importantly, he is the de facto chairman of the all-powerful executive committee, the one that holds the most sway when it comes to deciding which cities are awarded franchises.


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Afternoon Line- Jeremy Jacobs

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Morning Line- Jeremy Jacobs

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Why Is Jeremy Jacobs Being Inducted Into The Hockey Hall Of Fame?

from Larry Brooks of the New York Post,

The election and induction into the Hockey Hall of Fame on Monday of Bruins’ owner Jeremy Jacobs calls into question the independence of the 19-member selection committee that does its business in sworn secrecy.

Why Jacobs? The committee members can’t say, not even the four members of the Professional Hockey Writers Association who participate on the panel under the pledge of confidentiality. That seems a little bit too inside for my liking — creating news but self-censored from analyzing it — but then, that’s the view from the outside, isn’t it?

Jacobs is the man who has been the voice behind the voice of Gary Bettman for each of the three owners’ lockouts. Clawing back oodles of money for the owners is his claim to fame. This is also the man whose penurious ways forced Raymond Bourque to flee Boston in search of a Stanley Cup, never mind the irony of No. 77 himself having parroted management’s stance for years when his Bruins teammates sought higher pay.

The fingerprints of the commissioner and his lieutenants on the committee are all over this one.

continued plus more topics....

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Morning Line- Harry Sinden On Jeremy Jacobs

"Mr. Jacobs makes a marvelous chairman because he's able to see all sides and corners of the table he sits at, and he has an understanding of all of those things. I think many owners, especially new owners, rely on him to answer some of their questions. He's been very good at it, and he's earned the position.

"He's a big part of the growth of this League. He's been a terrific sounding board for Commissioner [Gary] Bettman all these years. He has foresight, and he's able as well as anybody in the League to look at the big picture as it involves expansion or rules or such delicate items as the Olympics, things like that. He's well versed and well aware of every piece of business that goes on in this League."

-Harry Sinden on Jeremy Jacobs.  Dave Stubbs of NHL.com has more on this topic (Jacobs goes into the HHOF on Monday).

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Notable Talk From Jeremy Jacobs

from Steve Conroy of the Boston Herald,

So with that, the good folks in Quebec City hopeful to land the next NHL franchise should take note. Jacobs does not see it coming to fruition.

“Quebec’s a great market and it has been for many years. But really when I think about it, I don’t see expansion going into the East,” Jacobs said, adding that the league is not in any current discussions with any prospective expansion group. “But that’s me, talking as Boston. I’m not talking as the league. The league may feel differently.”

It may be no coincidence that Jacobs’ Sportservice Corporation has reportedly signed a concessions deal with the group proposing to renovate Seattle’s KeyArena, but Jacobs called Rain City, a couple of hours drive from the Canadian border, a “very interesting location.” But he also mentioned Houston as intriguing, as he has in the past.

“Those are two huge markets,” Jacobs said of Seattle and Houston.

Again this year, Jacobs addressed participation in the Olympics. Though several of his players, Brad Marchand among them, are extremely disappointed that the NHL won’t be participating in these Games, Jacobs defended the league’s decision to sit this one out.


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Are You One Of The Four People Who Watches Olympic Hockey?

Boston Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs met with the media yesterday to wrap up the season.

And also had this to say regarding the 2018 Olympics...

via Kevin Paul Dupont of the Boston Globe,

The senior Jacobs, when asked about NHL participation in the 2018 Olympics in South Korea, said, “I don’t think it’s going to happen.”...

“When you stop and think about it,” said Jacobs, “should we take those weeks out of our season, turn it off, continue to depend on these players to perform for us when they get back, if they get back, if they come back in good condition?”

Jacobs remains a proponent of the Olympics adding hockey to the Summer Games menu, an idea dating back even to before the NHL first released its players for the 1998 Games in Nagano, Japan.

“They won’t embrace it,” said Jacobs, referring to the International Olympic Committee. “So it is what it is.”

Jacobs also noted the time difference between North America and Korea, conjecturing that games would air on TV here at 2 or 3 a.m.

“I think the four people that watch it don’t justify it,” he added.

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Evening Line- Jeremy Jacobs

“I share the expectations of everybody up here that we'll be in the playoffs and I expect we'll continue deep in the playoffs. We have a very good mix of young and old, experienced players, so I'm looking forward to a good playoff season.”

-Jeremy Jacobs, owner of the Boston Bruins.  Steve Conry of the Boston Herald has more on the Bruins.

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A Look At Lester Patrick Trophy Recipient Jeremy Jacobs

from Dan Rosen of NHL.com,

Jacobs, 75, will get a win for himself Thursday when he receives the Lester Patrick Trophy honoring his outstanding service to hockey in the United States during a reception in Boston.

The ability of Jacobs, who was 35 when he bought the Bruins, to help strengthen the business of the NHL at all levels by intertwining his passion for the game his corporate savvy are the reasons NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman believe he was selected to receive the Lester Patrick Trophy.

In addition to owning the Bruins since 1975, Jacobs has been the chairman of the NHL Board of Governors since 2007.

"He is at the core of the strength of this League," Commissioner Bettman said. "As Chairman of the Board, he's intimately involved on a daily basis on everything that's going on. He's an expert not just on the business of the game, but if you ask his hockey people, they'll tell you he watches as much, if not more, hockey than they do. He's extraordinarily knowledgeable about the game. And he's invested his time and passion into making the game strong.

"The Bruins are a model franchise, beloved in Boston, and fundamentally underlying everything he's done as Chairman of the Board has been focusing on what makes the League stronger."

Jacobs said the Lester Patrick Trophy humbles him because he gets to join an exclusive company of winners, particularly former Bruins Hall of Fame executive and coach Harry Sinden, and Bruins Hall of Fame player and president Cam Neely.

read on

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Bruins’ owner suggests that Board of Governors’ desire for expansion is middling

From ESPN Boston's Joe McDonald:

Jeremy Jacobs, the NHL’s chairman of the board of governors and owner of the Boston Bruins, had some candid remarks Thursday about the possibility of expansion.

Jacobs admitted the expansion process is moving forward after listening to presentations this week from Quebec and Las Vegas, two of the bidders looking to add an NHL franchise.

"There’s a lot of content there. There’s a lot of capability there, but I don’t know if there’s a desire or will within the board of the existing franchises for expansion yet," Jacobs said. "They both made pretty interesting proposals. Both have very legitimate arenas in place and organizations in place. There’s a capacity out there, but I don’t know if there’s a will from a league standpoint."

Jacobs said he feels good about the current status of the 30-team league, and that there was no preconceived notion about expanding to 32.

"I think it’s more important -- what is the best thing for the league as a whole, and what’s the best thing for Boston," he said. "Right now, the 30 teams are pretty good for all of us; talking where we stand today, I feel good about where we are."


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Your 2015 Lester Patrick Trophy Recipients

NEW YORK (Aug. 12, 2015) – Boston Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs and longtime scout Bob Crocker have been named recipients of the 2015 Lester Patrick Trophy for outstanding service to hockey in the United States.

The award, one of the most prestigious in hockey, was presented to the National Hockey League by the New York Rangers in 1966. It honors the memory of Lester Patrick, who spent 50 years in hockey as a player, coach and general manager and was a pioneer in the sport’s development.

“By honoring Jeremy Jacobs and Bob Crocker, the Lester Patrick Award selection committee has recognized the dedication and drive of two important contributors to hockey in the United States,” NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman said. “Jeremy Jacobs – as owner for 41 years of the NHL’s first U.S.-based team and long-serving Chairman of our Board of Governors – has provided unparalleled vision, innovation and inspiration to the advancement of hockey and the NHL. As a coach, a scout and a hockey executive, Bob Crocker has devoted decades to the development of young American players. Congratulations to both on this long overdue recognition.”

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Evening Line- Jeremy Jacobs On Peter Chiarelli

“We just found ourselves in a place we don’t want to be. It’s going to be a workout time. We had a change when we brought Cam in and Charlie, and they wanted a change. They thought we needed a change. They thought it was the right move for the franchise. I think Peter is a great human being and a great hockey mind. And I think he’s going to prosper out west (in Edmonton). He’s got a great young team there. We were not in the same position. It’s a cap environment we find ourselves in here and you’ve got to look to the future. If you watch the success of the Chicago team, and I do admire them quite a bit, they dealt with their high-priced players early on and the kept creating room. Every year, there was a change, not too unlike the change we see here (this year). We see some great players going elsewhere. Even to this year, you see very successful teams have met that problem. We didn’t deal with it in a timely enough manner and we found ourselves in a cap position that wasn’t attractive for us.”

-Jeremy Jacobs, owner of the Boston Bruins on ex-GM Peter Chiarell.  More on the Bruins from Steve Conroy of the Boston Herald.

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Video- NHL Owners Round Table

via Sportsnet,

George Stroumboulopoulos sits down with Toronto’s Larry Tanenbaum, Boston’s Jeremy Jacobs and Calgary’s Murray Edwards to discuss the perks and issues of owning a hockey franchise.




Part two and three of the video can be viewed at Sportsnet.

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Video- Jeremy Jacobs, Owner Of The Boston Bruins With His Expectations Of The Season

Today was media day for the Boston Bruins and owner Jeremy Jacobs has high expections for his team.


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Would Jeremy Jacobs Give Up The Boston Bruins To Buy The Buffalo Bills?

from the Jewish Business News,

According to speculation, the two main players  emerging in what could be a battle to gain control of the Buffalo Bills are  Jeremy Jacobs and his family, and Donald Trump, who has  recently begun to display  an interest in getting involved in the world of professional sports.

One major barrier that Buffalo born Jeremy Jacobs  will have to overcome is his ownership of the Boston Bruins who play in the NHL. According to NFL rules, owners of a major pro sports franchise, irrespective of which sport, and the seller from owning a NFL team, unless they were based in the same city.

This ruling  would mean that if Jacobs where to succeed in his efforts to acquire the “ Buffalo Bills” he would be required to part company with the Bruins. Even at this early stage,it has been suggested that one of Jacobs’ ‘ three sons could possibly sell their shares  in the Bruins, which would  mean that they could become the controlling owner of the Buffalo Bills. No matter which permutation, if the deal were to go through it would have to be  in complete compliance with the NFL’s ownership rules.


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Bruins’ Jeremy Jacobs, Blue Jackets’ John Davidson join owners’ anti-Olympic-participation brigade

I guess I'd hoped for too much in expecting the NHL's Board of Governors to at least not chime in yet again regarding certain members' disdain for NHL Olympic participation until the games had ended, especially given Ed Snider's vociferous opposition just prior to the Olympic break.

On the eve of the gold medal game, the chairman of the NHL's Board of Governors, Boston Bruins, Jeremy Jacobs, sent an email to the New York Times' Jeff Z. Klein and Stu Hackel regarding the NHL's participation in the Olympics, suggesting that the NHL might not want to participate in the 2018 games in Pyeongchang, South Korea:

In an email, Jacobs wrote, “I know the importance of competing in the Olympics to many of our players — they are our partners and if it is important to them it should be important to us.”

Jacobs listed four main areas of concerns for the owners: shutting the league down for more than two weeks and its effect on fans and corporate partners; the risk of injury to the top players; mental and physical fatigue among those players; and the compressed schedule and “the challenges it creates for the buildings.”

He concluded, “While these issues exist, balancing them with all of the good that comes with our participation in the Games is a difficult task — one that we will have to continue to explore with our partners over the coming years.”

Columbus Blue Jackets president John Davidson also told Klein that he's not a fan of the concept:

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In A Battle With Jeremy Jacobs

from Jason Schwartz of Boston Magazine,

For a quarter-century, Boston Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs ruled the clubby equestrian scene in Wellington, Florida. From his palatial estate, he fought to keep the exclusive community exactly the way he and his family wanted it. Then a brash Boston entrepreneur named Mark Bellissimo appeared on the scene. Now the two men have declared war on each other—and the fate of the town hangs in the balance.


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Hockey Is Back And So Is Jeremy Jacobs

from Fluto Shinzawa of Bruins Blog at the Boston Globe,

As chairman of the NHL’s board of governors, Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs played a critical role in the lockout. In hindsight, neither the NHL nor the NHLPA should be declared the victor, said Jacobs.

Jacobs cited his team’s situation – recent Stanley Cup winner, playing in a sold-out building, featuring a contending roster – as reasons why, as an owner, he would have been against a lockout. However, as board chairman, Jacobs said he had a greater responsibility. “I’m the last guy that wants to shut this thing down. Absolutely the last ones out there,” Jacobs said. “There’s a couple Canadian teams – I don’t have to name them – that irrespective are going to be very successful. This is a successful franchise. I don’t want this to shut down. Unfortunately, I play in a league with 30 teams. When I step back and look at what’s going on with the broadest sense, I’ve got to play a role productively in that way. My selfish interest definitely was to keep this going within the parameters of the deal that was out there. But it doesn’t make sense for the league long-term. We have a lot of people that were very tired of this. A lot of people that were promised we would right-size this. I had to play a role in it. From a leadership standpoint, I think I had to play a role. To be vilified, I don’t think is right. But what’s my opinion on something like that?”


added 7:46pm, from Andrew Gross of Rangers Rant,

Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs tried to hold a pre-game press conference to apologize to fans for the 113-day lockout – for which he’s been characterized as a bus-driving hard-liner – and instead wound up essentially saying the whole thing was the NHL Player Association’s fault.

He said the proposal the league made to save the 82-game season was essentially the same one the NHLPA eventually accepted – even though the October offer did not include the “make whole” provision for player contracts.

“There was no expression of desire to make a deal,” Jacobs said. “A lot of this is peripheral issues, I don’t disagree it was 100 percent [the same] but if somebody wanted to make a deal, we could’ve made a deal. If somebody doesn’t engage, you don’t offer.”


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Typical Jacobs

from Joe Haggerty of CSNNE,

Winnipeg Jets representation at a recent NHL Board of Governors meeting piped up to say it was opposed to engaging in a long, bloody lockout sure to stymie their franchise’s momentum and hurt the game of hockey.

It wasn’t Winnipeg owner Mark Chipman, but rather one of the alternate governors representing the Jets.

Bruins Principal Owner and Chairman of the Board of Governors Jeremy Jacobs answered by reprimanding the Winnipeg representative as one of the “new kids on the block” and informed him that he would know when he was allowed to speak in the NHL board room. 

That’s the kind of hawkish, dismissive, bully mentality that's driving the bus for the NHL lockout that's now cancelled games through the middle of December.

It’s also the reason why Bruins fans should hold Boston Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs personally responsible.

read on

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Boston’s Owner Felt Bruins Were Better Than Their Cup Team

from Joe Haggerty of CSNNE,

Those that expected a B’s ownership group and management team to express a disappointment after a seven-game loss to the Washington Capitals – and the team’s first opening round playoff exit in four seasons – got exactly what they were looking for. Bruins ownership/management liaison Charlie Jacobs used the term “disappointing” in his first sentence to the assembled media at Legends Restaurant at TD Garden, and the man signing the checks didn’t sound much happier.

Of course the younger Jacobs also mentioned the term “parity” in attempting to reconcile the reasons behind losing in the playoffs, and mentioned a level of pride still there with the team.

“We did expect to get out of that first round this year. We were probably a little better than the team that won the Stanley Cup when you look at the skill level and the age of the players,” said Bruins Principal owner Jeremy Jacobs. “We wanted to do better, we expected to do better and we have every reason to believe we’d do better.”

read on

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Jeremy Jacobs Gushing With Pride Over His Bruins

from John Bishop of BostonBruins.com,

Boston Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs took the opportunity to talk to the press on Sunday prior to the team’s practice in TD Garden.

“You can’t have any more pride than I enjoy this morning,” said Jacobs. “I feel just very lucky and very fortunate to be where I am.

“As a fan, as a principal…as custodian of a great franchise, this is a wonderful, wonderful experience. I think I’m very lucky to have the leadership both on the ice and in the back of the house so to speak. I can’t speak enough for the total organization and how it’s moved forward.

“I’m so proud of what they’ve achieved,” he said.


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Pegula To Outline Plan To Buy Sabres

from The Buffalo News,

RALEIGH, N.C. — Billionaire businessman Terry Pegula today is expected to take a major step toward buying the Buffalo Sabres when he meets with the NHL executive committee during All-Star Weekend. He will outline his plans to purchase the franchise for $175 million.

The presentation before the panel is considered one of the last hurdles he must clear before officially assuming ownership from Rochester billionaire Tom Golisano. Pegula is expected to be approved by the executive committee over the next several days before the purchase is voted upon by the full NHL board of governors in the next few weeks.


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Morning Line

“There is an expectation on my part and I think in the community at large that we share the same goal.  My ambition is to win a Stanley Cup. I think we’ve got the personalities in place from management, coaching and players, so I look for a great season.

“I’ll be disappointed in anything less than that.”

-Bruins Owner Jeremy Jacobs via Rich Thompson of the Boston Herald.

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Afternoon Line

Nobody is forcing (Jeremy) Jacobs to have a payroll bumping up against the cap ceiling. He could have instructed Bruins management to spend much less but instead allowed forking out big bucks for Joe Thornton, Zdeno Chara, Marc Savard, Patrice Bergeron and Dennis Wideman. He’ll likely pay out even more to retain Tim Thomas, David Krejci and Phil Kessel this summer.

-Spector (Lyle Richardson) at his Fox Sports Blog.  Read more from Lyle…

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Bruins Owner Talks CBA

from Kevin Paul Dupont of the Boston Globe,

A few thoughts from Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs, in for a visit Tuesday night with the Capitals playing on Causeway Street:

On the NHL Players Association’s recent decision not to break the collective bargaining agreement, guaranteeing labor peace through at least 2010-11:

“It seemed the only intelligent thing they should do, and they haven’t necessarily done the smartest things right along. There are a lot of things I don’t like about [the CBA], but for us and the league, it’s the right paradigm.”

On what he doesn’t like about the CBA:

“It’s expensive. It’s hard to live with . . . it’s a lot of money [to the players] and it’s hard to make these businesses successful with what is left for [owners]. I am not in a position to talk too specifically, otherwise I get in trouble. But for the Bruins, it’s very expensive to live with…

more and more hockey talk too…

Way to be a ‘partner’ Mr. Jacobs!

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Jacobs Sees Bruins In Stanley Cup Finals

from Bud Barth of the Worcester Telegram & Gazettete,

Asked how far he thought the Bruins could go this season, (Jeremy) Jacobs unabashedly told a handful of media in the Garden press room:

“I’m looking for it to (go) right up to the (Stanley Cup) finals. I think there’s as much chance for this team to go to the end as there is for any, as I see it right now. I think they’re very, very good.”...

“They’re hard-hitting, they’re bigger than they have been, I think they’re pretty skilled, a little faster — maybe they should be a little bit more defensive,” Jacobs said. “By and large, this is a team that’s got all the characteristics of a winner. … I think there’s a lot of reason to have high expectations for them.”

more on the Bruins…

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The Players Have Never Been Richer

from Kevin Paul Dupont of the Boston Globe,

The senior (Jeremy) Jacobs remains optimistic that the players will not opt out of the CBA. Based on all-too-familiar history, NHL players without a collectively bargained deal usually end up locked-out, and out of work.

‘‘Pragmatically,’’ said Jacobs, who is also director of the league’s Board of Governors, ‘‘I think they should continue the course they’ve got—they’ve never been richer.’‘

Recognizing that, added Jacobs, he doesn’t have a firm read what the players will do in the weeks and months ahead.

more on Jacobs and the Bruins…

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Jeremy Jacobs Interested In Buffalo Bills

via WIVB Buffalo,

Jeremy Jacobs tells Business First he “might” be interested in the Bills IF the team was for sale.

Jacobs says under the current NFL rules, he can’t own the Bills because he owns an NHL team in a market that has a pro football team.

Jacobs says the rule would have to be changed.


...or sell the Bruins…

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Morning Line

“It all started when Peter came on board,” Jacobs said. “It was a tough change because Harry (Sinden) had been the GM and led this organization and bringing Peter in, and subsequently Cam, it’s gone from an old organization to a young vibrant organization. And it needed it. I’m so proud to see the rejuvenation I’m seeing here. The sixth game (against Montreal) was very reminiscent of the old building. And the identity is very much like the identity of the old Bruins. It’s something we’re going to build on.”

-Boston Bruins Owner Jeremy Jacobs at the Bruins Town Hall Meeting last night.  Read more about the Bruins at the Boston Herald.

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Chara Facing Three More Months Rehab

From Steve Conroy at the Boston Herald,

Coming off left shoulder surgery six weeks ago to repair a torn labrum, Chara finally shed his sling a week ago and started his rehabilitation.

He’s doing daily range-of-motion exercises, and it’s estimated that he faces three more months of rehab, which would take him into September and the start of training camp. He couldn’t guarantee that he’d be ready from the get-go, but it shouldn’t be too long after that if he isn’t.

“We’ll have to see how the rehab goes, but it should be right for the start of training camp,” Chara said. “But we’ll see”

read on for more news on the Norris Trophy candidate

In other Bruins news, team owner Jeremy Jacobs and his wife gave a substantial charitable gift to the University of Buffalo this week: $10 million.

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