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Montreal/Anaheim Trade


added 10:38am, Montreal press release is below...

MONTREAL – Montreal Canadiens general manager Marc Bergevin announced on Tuesday the acquisition of forward Devante Smith-Pelly from the Anaheim Ducks, in return for forward Jiri Sekac.

Smith-Pelly (22) recorded 17 points (5 goals and 12 assists) in 54 regular season games with the Anaheim Ducks in 2014-15 with a 14:38 time on ice average. He scored a shorthanded goal and added a game-winning tally. He served 12 penalty minutes and displays a +1 plus/minus ratio along with 147 hits.

Since making his NHL debut in 2011-12, Smith-Pelly has tallied 40 points (14 goals, 26 helpers) in 129 regular season games. He scored once on the powerplay and twice when his team was shorthanded, adding two game-winners. The 6’ 2’’ and 220 lb right winger also served 30 penalty minutes.

A native of Mississauga, Ontario, Smith-Pelly was the Ducks second round selection, 42nd overall, at the 2010 NHL Entry Draft. He played three full seasons of junior hockey with the OHL’s Mississauga St. Michael’s Majors and won a bronze medal as a member of Team Canada at the 2012 WJHC. He collected six points (3 goals, 3 assists) at the 2011 Memorial Cup Tournament, helping his team reach the final before falling to Saint John.

The 22-year old Jiri Sekac registered 16 points (7 goals, 9 assists) in 50 games with the Canadiens thus far this season, averaging 13:48 of ice time per game. The Kladno, Czech Republic native joined the team as a free agent on July 1, 2014.

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seems odd, can’t wait to see “Red wings stand pat at trade deadline”.... Or…. “Anaheim aquires PETRY in deal to EDM”>

Posted by Pasha1277 on 02/24/15 at 11:50 AM ET

Alan's avatar

I’d rather see that than see the Wings throw away prospects for a rental.

Posted by Alan from Atlanta on 02/24/15 at 12:09 PM ET


I’d rather see that than see the Wings throw away prospects for a rental.

Yeah, why improve the team?  I mean look at last night, the Wings are the model of consistency.

Posted by Garth on 02/24/15 at 12:23 PM ET

perfection's avatar

Yeah, why improve the team?  I mean look at last night, the Wings are the model of consistency.

I think everyone likes the idea of “improving” the team. Some of us just disagree with you that Petry is all that much of an improvement. You seem to look at the fact that he might be a little better than 2 or 3 of our dmen who are playing currently, therefore it’s obviously worth the price to upgrade one guy… but to some of us “improve” actually is about team results not simply comparing individuals and I think if you step back and look at what adding Petry likely does to our overall chances in the playoffs, it’s negligible at best. It’s not like adding a middling (at best) rental somehow makes us go from the middle of the pack to a cup favorite. Hell, I don’t think our chances to win the cup would improve hardly at all. If we could add a top 6 big time scorer or a Norris caliber dman, then fine, that’s the kind of improvement that might be worth some assets because it actually would increase our chances at victory. The types of lateral moves you seem to be all about does so little in the near term, it really makes the second rounder or decent prospect it’d take to get that player seem mighty steep, especially when we are on pretty good footing in terms of making the playoffs.

Sorry man, I know you’re all aboard the “no trade wastes Datsyuk’s last years” train, but I just don’t think this is the year we are one player (who’s available) away from pushing us over the top. Yandle perhaps, but Petry just doesn’t seem worth it, especially when we can give another kid some playoff experience in his place. 

Posted by perfection from LaLaLand on 02/24/15 at 12:36 PM ET


I still think Petry is an upgrade to our D and that is what matters.  Are you going to get a guy as good as Petry in the second round?  Is the middle prospect going to be as good?  He helps the left/right balance, he can move the puck and he’s young enough.  Now if you want to argue you’d rather wait and see if you can sign him, then sure…. I’m not 100% sold he’s a good pick up, but if the cost is minor, I think it’s a good move.  What I’d love to see, but won’t happen with Holland… is you pick up Petry (for example), and then you move someone for a pick, or something else. 

The teams in the east, for the large part, are all fallible, so any small increment to our team, helps our chances.  Does it make us cup contenders, no, but say in a playoff series against Montreal, where we struggle to score mightily it seems, any bit of help will help.

Posted by DieByTheWing on 02/24/15 at 12:49 PM ET


Some of us just disagree with you that Petry is all that much of an improvement.

I actually didn’t mention Petry.

It’s not “Petry or bust”, it’s “I’d rather the Wings not stand pat.”  And I stand by the opinion that getting a Norris trophy candidate isn’t the only way to improve.  Incremental improvement is still improvement.  If you get one guy who might improve a single aspect of the team game, other players can adjust their play and the whole corps can improve.

Petry just doesn’t seem worth it

Here’s the other thing: none of us know what it would cost.  Not knowing what it would cost to get him or how he would fit in on the Detroit roster or how he would perform in Detroit or whether they can re-sign him, why do you automatically just jump to the conclusion that he wouldn’t be worth it?

Posted by Garth on 02/24/15 at 12:50 PM ET

perfection's avatar

I actually didn’t mention Petry.

it was context man… essentially the posts above you said “get Petry” and the next said “no” and then you said “why not?!”

Incremental improvement is still improvement.

it is, but to what end exactly? I’d say giving Marchenko playoff experience would also be a form of incremental improvement (assuming his slot would be the one filled by a rental, something I realize others disagree with. But lets face it, Ericsson and Smith aren’t going anywhere). There are lots of ways to improve the team, some are near term, some are long term. Some cost a lot like a deadline trade, some cost slightly less like a summer trade, and some cost nothing like a UFA or improving via homegrown drafted players. We are incrementally improving each year, mostly for free. I definitely assume that pattern will continue and I think we will take a stab at some UFA’s too (I know I know, we are SOOO undesirable), so as much as it rubs you the wrong way, “standing pat” is actually still incrementally improving.

If the prices for a rental are actually dictated by the market as they usually are (you know the whole supply and demand thing), it’s going to cost probably more than we even think. If Petry can be had for cheap, which seems to be the assumption, how many teams do you think will make an offer? 10 maybe, at minimum? He’s going to go to the team that sweetens the pot, adds the extra prospect or makes the draft pick one round earlier than everyone else. Sure you can say “we don’t know the cost”, like that means it could just be anything, but based on everything every GM is saying, plus basic economic principles, we can estimate the cost as at least “really high”. And if that is in fact the case, it needs to be weighed against what that incremental improvement actually does to our team for this season ONLY. If it doesn’t dramatically improve our odds to win it all, it’s simply not worth it. We are going to make the playoffs. We have a good shot to make a little noise. But a lateral move, even one that’s a slight upgrade, does little to improve those chances. Sure it makes us deeper, but we are pretty deep already, especially on D.

I get why people want to make a splash. It’s exciting. Our team is overachieving and its tempting to totally go for it. It’s easy to see any trade with rose colored glasses because it’s proactive and feels like measurable improvement. But cost analysis comes into play and the absolute main factor, especially with a rental, is what do they do to your playoff chances? Period. If they don’t increase the odds of winning the cup by a significant amount, it’s not worth it. None of the guys that I’ve heard realistically mentioned, other than probably Yandle, fit that bill.

Posted by perfection from LaLaLand on 02/24/15 at 01:10 PM ET


essentially the posts above you said

I wasn’t responding to what was “essentially” said, but what was “actually” said.

I think we will take a stab at some UFA’s too

And that’s fantastic, but we have a pretty good, healthy team right now, that with a little improvement before UFA season could actually make some noise in the playoffs.

I understand that, doing nothing right now, the team could be better next year.  And could be a little better the year after.  And could be even better another year on.

But doing something now could make the team better now and add to the incremental improvement of the future.

They have a good team now and they have more assets than they can reasonably expect to be in Detroit in the next several years, so now is actually the perfect time to exchange some future potential for some present (and future) improvement.

Neither I nor anyone else is suggesting the Wings sell the entire farm system for Jeff Petry.

“standing pat” is actually still incrementally improving.

Except that it’s only incrementally improving if the team gets better.

Babcock says he hopes Marchenko is their trade, which is fine except that Machenko playing third pairing minutes and pushing Kindl down the depth chart is even less of an improvement than getting Petry or a comparable.  If Babcock is serious about Marchenko being their trade then he should try giving Marchenko more than 15 minutes a game and see how he fares.  But if Babcock doesn’t trust him to play big minutes then he’s not the guy who is going to improve the team in the here and now.

In my opinion.

If it doesn’t dramatically improve our odds to win it all, it’s simply not worth it.

How do you know that nothing the Wings could do will make them better?

Posted by Garth on 02/24/15 at 01:39 PM ET

awould's avatar

they have more assets than they can reasonably expect to be in Detroit in the next several years

This is a key issue. They have some exciting prospects and not really enough room for all of them down the road. Now or next season at the latest is the time to make a real push to win a last Cup w/ Datsyuk on the roster.

My only issue with Petry is that he’s a rental. I hate giving up much of anything for a rental. But yeah, Petry is great if the cost is right. Working in our favor is they’ll likely trade Petry out of conference and he is a rental so it won’t take something crazy. I think “overpaying” for Petry won’t really cost too much in absolute terms so then it’s just a question of if Babcock believes he will flourish in Detroit’s system or not. Of course, he’s injured right now too so that sucks.

I’d be good giving a lot for Yandle, lefty and all.

Our D is a weak spot now, and it trickles through to our offense. Getting a real deal top 2 D would allow everyone else to slip down a spot, which would be just about right. Trade Kindl for anything and bring up Marchenko or Oulllllett and hope for the best.

All in all, I’d be ok doing nothing, getting a guy like Petry for a reasonable+ deal or going nuts for a game-changer. The ‘ok doing nothing’ part is contingent upon them doing something in the summer though, because the D needs something more solid/reliable than just Kronwall.

p.s. my PC just tried to autocorrect Babcock to Ballcock… wtf?

Posted by awould on 02/24/15 at 02:01 PM ET

TreKronor's avatar

Funny.  I thought this post was about a trade between Montreal/Anaheim, not involving individuals names Petry or Kindl.

Posted by TreKronor on 02/24/15 at 03:31 PM ET

awould's avatar

I thought this post was about…

You’re correct. It was. But the internet doesn’t follow your rules!

Posted by awould on 02/24/15 at 03:46 PM ET

perfection's avatar

How do you know that nothing the Wings could do will make them better?

I’ve never said that. Of course I think the team could get better via trade. But you don’t seem to understand what “cost analysis” actually means. It’s weighing the price versus HOW much better that player makes us.

This whole idea that we have “too many” prospects and therefore should (or I should say ‘could’) trade them off is absurd. Of course they all won’t play in Detroit, but guess what, Callahan and Ferraro could have been taken for free this year by any team in the league and neither was picked up, yet I continue to see Ferraro’s name mentioned as having trade value.

Yeah we have too many prospects in one sense, but all of them but a very few have no value on a trade market and even if they are ultimately lost to waivers, are easily replaceable. There’s 30 guys every summer at Callahan’s level available for nothing. So losing him isn’t really that big a deal to the management. You can always go out and find bottom six guys. It’s the Nyquists, Tatars, Sheahans, Manthas and Larkins that don’t grow on trees. That is who people want. Do you give them up or keep them? You don’t get to package “the guys who won’t make the red wings” for players who can substantially help us now. That’s not how trade value works. So yes, if there’s a GOOD trade to be made, I think all of us fans and everyone within the org. are all for it. The doubts aren’t so much about whether Petry could marginally improve the team, the doubts are more about what the costs will be and if that’s really worth it. Anyone who’s paying any attention realizes it’s a seller’s market with a TON of teams shopping for very few players. Prices will be extremely high, that’s a given. So for a team that’s a cup favorite with their core in their primes, maybe they are actually one stay at home dman away, or one tough forechecker away from really feeling like they have the best shot possible at the cup. We are possibly a Norris caliber defender away from that feeling which is why most of us would love to add somebody with that kind of effect. But we are not a Petry away from that. Yeah Pav and Z are aging, but our new core is still 3 or 4 years from their primes and a couple of depth guys are just not going to do that much for us.

That’s just my opinion of course. Garth, you disagree clearly. I guess if we do in fact stand pat, you can take solace in the fact that you’ve been consistently wrong about just about every personnel decision for several seasons (haha… remember the “waive Abdelkader” days? classic Garth) 

Posted by perfection from LaLaLand on 02/24/15 at 04:14 PM ET

bigfrog's avatar

I think if you step back and look at what adding Petry likely does to our overall chances in the playoffs, it’s negligible at best. It’s not like adding a middling (at best) rental somehow

Exactly Petry will be available along with other UFA’s this summer. I think he would sign with the Red Wings being from the Detroit area, if the Red Wings really want him. grrr

Posted by bigfrog on 02/24/15 at 08:50 PM ET

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