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Talking Rangers’ Puck with Scotty Hockey

If you are a New York Rangers’ fan that goes around looking for Blueshirts’ related blogs, than I am sure you have heard of Scotty Hockey.

Scotty, a great blogging friend of mine and a frequent interviewee here at Kukla’s Korner, is an extremely honest Rangers’ blogger who tells it like it is. He was nice enough to take time out of his busy schedule to give us his thoughts on all things Rangers’ hockey:

PH: What are your general thoughts on the play of the New York Rangers this season?
SH: Shock and delight? The Blueshirts have overcome a staggering variety of issues to rise to the top of the league. They are largely entertaining to watch and they have the best goaltender in the business. They have yet to have a healthy blue line and have yet to play 60 minutes of high level hockey. The power play has been an abomination, Brad Richards has virtually no chemistry with anyone and their big strategy is to dump and chase. And yet they have risen to the top of the league.

PH: In your opinion, what are just a few reasons why the Rangers have been successful this season?
SH: Hard work and Henrik Lundqvist.

PH: Why do you think Marian Gaborik has had such a turnaround season this year?
SH: Less pressure and no injuries. Gabby hurt his shoulder early in the last campaign and he struggled to get his shot back the rest of the year. His runningmate Vinny Prospal also missed plenty of time, placing even more pressure on the Slovak’s shoulders and they couldn’t take it. This campaign started comfortably, with him getting to play preseason games at home and he has been able to build from there.

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More Thoughts from Scotty Hockey on the MSG Renovations

As you all know by now, I wrote a piece for TheGoodPoint hockey section on the renovations taking place at Madison Square Garden. I am sure that most of you have read it by now but what I would like to do is show you folks what else was said by a few of the bloggers that were kind enough to answer a few questions about it.

We’ll start with thoughts from good friend of the blog Scotty Hockey:

PH: Why do you think Madison Square Garden decided to do these renovations?
SH: The short answer is because James Dolan is a businessman who likes to make money. The long answer is because Dolan was shortsighted and shot down the west-side Jets stadium. Once he did that, he slammed the door shut on Bloomberg and the rest of the NYC politicos and thus couldn’t set up any kind of tax breaks or financial assistance for a new MSG. Without being able to build a new building, Dolan had to find other ways to raise long-term profits and a full renovation was the next-best thing. The old layout only had so much space for sushi bars and other trappings of the rich, corporate elite that Dolan hopes to attract more of. Yes, regular people enjoy sushi too, but not at hockey games.

PH: When you first heard that the Garden would be undergoing renovations, what was your reaction? Why?
SH: I was less than pleased, because I saw a dark future in it - a future where hardcore fans and children can’t afford to go to games. A future where the Garden is as intimidating as the Air Canada Center in Toronto (which is not intimidating at all). A future where the team goes back to it’s mercenary ways where they overpay for names to keep bringing in corporate clients. I was part of a focus group the Garden held with other season ticket holders. The third-party gentleman that they brought in to conduct the group asked a battery of questions, all along the line of ‘what would make it alright for them to take your seat away and give you a worse one?’ The answer, unanimously, was nothing. The fellow recommended an exclusive entrance to the building,
some exclusive concession stands or minor discounts on said concessions. He was completely unable to grasp the concept that hardcore Ranger fans don’t care about the accommodations or intermission entertainment options, they care about watching the game.

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Rangers’ Home-and-Home With Isles Begins Tonight

Any time a team plays their rival, the club wants to put their best forward and do everything they can to win the hockey game even if the said club isn’t doing well in the standings.

This is especially true for tonight in tonight’s tilt at the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum between the New York Rangers and the New York Islanders. The Islanders may be at the bottom of the Eastern Conference standings but you know that tonight, they will bring their A-game and do everything they can to beat the Blueshirts.

With that said, this is a game that the Blueshirts cannot afford to take lightly, especially since the Islanders scored six goals on them in a 6-4 loss back in October. The Islanders are a young hockey club that certainly has the opportunity to exploit the Rangers’ weaknesses.

According to team beat writer Andrew Gross of The Record, team head coach John Tortorella tinkered with the lines in practice yesterday and could use them in tonight’s game.

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An E-mail Interview with Scotty Hockey: The New York Rangers at the Quarter Point

Scotty Olivenbaum, a.k.a. “Scotty Hockey”, is one of the best New York Rangers’ bloggers out there. He writes well, he’s brutally honest and he knows his Blueshirts and hockey in general.

Scotty was kind enough to take time out of his busy schedule to give us his thoughts on the Rangers’ play through 26 games.

PH: Since we’re just over 25 games into the season, what are you general thoughts on the New York Rangers at the quarter point?
SH: With or without the injuries, we are who we have always been, a mediocre team that will battle for a low playoff spot. The boys in blue have managed to deal with the injuries and a supremely heavy schedule and have accumulated a record that is just above .500. Not bad, but not great. Considering they have gotten off to good starts the last few years, what has happened to date can almost be disregarded as how they do through the December/January/February doldrums will really define the team.

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Planning a Hockey Trip? Ask Scotty Hockey

Good friend of the blog Scotty from Scotty Hockey wrote a post earlier this week on how to plan a great hockey road trip:

So what goes into a hockey trip? With a little help from the well-traveled Tapeleg of the terrific blog Jerseys & Hockey Love and Seth Mates, a road-weary/wary buddy of mine, I’ll break it down into the misnamed five Ws: Who, What, Where, When, Why and How? Some are easier to answer so let’s knock those off first:

Cause you love hockey, duh. Everyone should make a hockey bucket list that includes things other than ‘see my team win the Stanley Cup,’ especially when it is pretty likely you won’t (sorry Canuck fans).

Many people make sure to include their favourite team. Steve Williamson pulled off 30 games in 30 nights and managed to include eight games with his Tampa Bay Lightning. But cheering on your team doesn’t necessarily have to happen. Sometimes it is easier to take in the scene when not blinded by your own fandom. As Tapeleg warns, “if you are at an NHL game wearing your teams colors, then you are in for various degrees of ribbing. Remember, you chose to wear your jersey. The degree to which you will be taunted will vary depending on where you are. Be prepared, and learn to laugh it off. Being confrontational will not help your cause.” If you do decide to see your team in an away setting, do your best to abide by A View From My Seats’ Road Trip Etiquette.

Click here for more great stuff from Scotty. Definitely worth the read!


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Another Rangers Blogger Reports from Vancouver

Good friend of the blog Scotty from Scotty Hockey is at the Olympics as well and is providing solid coverage over on his site.

Here is some of what he had to say:

*I neglected to mention it yesterday but one of the best things about these Olympics is the uniform for the garbage people at the arena. They wear Islander jerseys without the crest. So every time I see some poor sod forced to mop up or pick up trash, I think Islanders. How appropriate.

*The atmosphere for the Czechoslovakia civil war was wild. Most likely it was because there were less Canadians in the building and more nationals for each team. Chanting, whistling, rising and falling with every play for the first two periods ... it was so much fun. I spoke to security and they said that there was only one minor tussle in the crowd, which I find surprising as rival fans were chanting and yelling at each other so much - especially walking out. Love the passion.

*Didn’t love the result, a 3-1 Czech win. It was so incredibly like a Ranger game that it scared me - team gets a great breakaway six minutes in but can’t score and gives up a power play goal. Team hits the post in the last minute of the second period and the other team comes right down and scores before the buzzer. Team comes out flat for the third losing by two, Gaborik draws a penalty and the power play can’t even get in the opposing zone. Sound familiar?

Click here for more and be sure to stop by his site every day for more excellent coverage.

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A Different Perspective of Last Night’s Win over the Devils

Our good friend Scotty of Scotty Hockey had a different perspective on who the hero was in last night’s New York Rangers vs. Devils game:

Let the entire NHL hate Sean Avery. Let the refs grind their axes against him. It’s ok. Really. It is ok because New York loves Sean Avery and Avery loves New York. On a night where Henrik Lundqvist makes Mmmmaaaarrrrttttyyyy Brodeur look like a house league goaltender, on a night when hell freezes over and Chris Drury scores an important goal, it was Sean Avery who saved the day.

No, Avery didn’t mess with Mmmmaaaarrrrttttyyyy but instead he turned his talents upon Ilya Kovalchuk. New Jersey was pressuring and getting deep in the Ranger end late in the third period but Avery provoked Kovy and the Russian lost his mind. Both players got double minors (Kovalchuk should have gotten more) and both went to the box. That meant that Sean got Devils’ top scorer off the ice with less than three minutes to go to preserve a 3-1 win for the Rangers.

Were the Henrik Lundqvist glove saves monumental? No doubt. Was Drury’s goal a nail in the heart of New Jersey? Absolutely. But Avery being Avery was what closed another fantastic chapter in the Hudson rivalry. It was smart, calculated hockey by the super pest and exactly why love him in New York. Go Sean.

Click here for more on Scotty’s thoughts on last night’s big win over the New Jersey Devils.


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Two Different Looks at the Hartford Wolf Pack

Good friend of the blog, Scotty from Scotty Hockey, recently attended an AHL game at The Rock in Newark, NJ between the Lowell Devils (New Jersey Devils farm team) and the Hartford Wolf Pack (New York Rangers farm team).

While he was impressed with how inexpensive it was and how the AHL is a great way to grow the game, he wasn’t exactly impressed with the Wolf Pack’s play, even though they won the game 3-2 in overtime. Here are just a few of his thoughts:

*As I mentioned, the Wolf Pack power play was pretty damn bad. They ended up going 1-7 with the lone tally coming from Brodie Dupont working the slot.

*Dupont was the best Hartford player on the ice. He went to the net, he carried the puck, he backchecked, killed penalties ... he was all over the place and his effort was exceptional.

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Some Thoughts on the Blueshirts from Scotty Hockey

With the recent moves the New York Rangers made along with their struggles, I figured now was as good a time as any to catch up with Scotty from Scotty Hockey to get his thoughts on what is going on in Rangerland.

PH: What do you think of the Olli Jokinen and Brandon Prust move? How do you think they will help the team for the rest of this season? What about in the future?
SH: It was a great trade, not necessarily for getting Ollie and Brandon but to get rid of Kotalik. Jokinen may or may not help. Prust will be an asset but not a game-breaker - neither one will be able to win the team a playoff series. As for the future, this trade was brilliant as Jokinen will leave at the end of the season and free up cap space. Then again, that may be a bad thing with Sather still around ...

PH: What was wrong with Ales Kotalik this season? Did you think it was wrong for the Blueshirts to pick him up in the first place? What was wrong with him?
SH: He is not a good hockey player. He is a one-dimensional soft European who has no concept or capacity for defense. When his one dimension doesn’t work he is worthless and as he is soft and not very smart, the softness turned him into a detriment to the team. Granted, he might have fared better with a coach that was willing to coddle him and put him next to Chris Drury - the player he was most familiar with and comfortable with. But good riddance to bad garbage.

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Giving Some Love to Sean Avery

From friend of the blog Scotty over at Scotty Hockey:

In an interesting turn of events, Sean Avery ended up with sloppy seconds for once and, pardon the lewd metaphor, he nailed them proper. Unlike half of the NHL falling in love with his exes, Sean Avery took a Dallas team that was broken in by the New Jersey Devils and put them over a barrel. Nicklas Grossman roughed Avery up in the opening minutes of the match and unleashed the beast as Avery went on to take Dallas for all they were worth - one goal, three assists and one victory.

He slapped them around and sent them home with their third straight loss.

And the best part of it? The Stars paid him to do it. Seeing as they are on the hook for half his salary after buying him out last year, the same Dallas team that openly loathed him when he was signed by their side - Marty Turco, Mike Modano, Brendan Morrow especially - were whipped like the gimp in Pulp Fiction. This was a performance by the Sean Avery of old, the one prior to the Tortorella playoff castration last season. It was a work of art from Mr. Avery, who was still hit by the officiating for 12 minutes in penalties (one an undeserved misconduct, the other a deserved cross check). Hopefully Grossman’s aggression not only unleashed his team’s demise, but that of the remainder of the Ranger opponents. With Sean Avery playing as he did and with Marian Gaborik and Henrik Lundqvist playing as they always do, this Blueshirt squad is that much more difficult to beat, despite all of it’s flaws.

Click here for more from our good pal Scotty. It was certainly great to see Avery have this kind of performance but like Avery said in the post-game scrum with Stan Fischler, he needs to do it on a consistent basis.

Let’s see if he can play the same against the Atlanta Thrashers tonight!

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Are you thinking What He’s Thinking?

It is tough being a New York Rangers fan these days. The team is clearly struggling, clearly inconsistent and are clearly not turning it around.

As New Yorkers, we take pride in what our team do and don’t do and when you’re a Rangers fan, you take everything to heart, and with good reason.

Scotty over at Scotty Hockey let out some frustration in his most recent blog and I wanted to see which Blueshirt fans out there agreed with it. He certainly makes some terrific points.

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Some Thoughts on the Rangers’ Struggles

I decided to reach out to Scotty from Scotty Hockey to talk about the New York Rangers’ recent struggles.

PH: Why are the Rangers struggling so much this season?
SH: They are a deeply flawed team led by a deeply flawed coach.

PH: What do you make of Gilroy’s demotion to the AHL?
SH: It is Tortorella lashing out at the easiest target that isn’t himself. The rookie that let Byfuglien go to the net and score the game winner gets the boot because the coach won’t blame himself for not being able to motivate his team or because the overpriced veterans are completely incompetent. It is good for Hobey because he should get a bit of humility and a lot of confidence playing in the bus league.

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Thoughts from Scotty Hockey

I was able to do a brief e-mail interview with Scotty Hockey to get his thoughts on the Pittsburgh Penguins as Stanley Cup Champions and the Rangers’ off-season plans.

Read below for more:

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Scotty Hockey Looks at Potential Free Agents for the Blueshirts

In a time where there isn’t much New York Ranger news being thrown around, the fantastic Scotty Hockey gave Blueshirt fans a bit of a preview on who he thinks the team should go after:

1- Steve Sullivan, Nashville: Let’s get this right out of the way, no matter how well he says he is, Sullivan is an injury risk. He missed basically two seasons of hockey due to back problems and is beholden to Nashville for their patience in letting him take his time to make a comeback. He is also 34 and undersized at 5’9. However, he is a gritty hard worker who puts points on the board. He can score timely goals and kill penalties while setting a good example for teammates - basically a better version of the Chris Drury we had last season and he was only paid $3.2m. At his age and with his history, he should be willing to take a big pay cut while getting an incentive-laden deal.

2- Johnny Oduya, NJ: Sure the Rangers are deepest at defense, but you can’t pass up the opportunity when a well-rounded player like him becomes available. Just 27 years old, the Swede is solid in all situations being smart in his own zone and a smooth puck mover. He made just $600k and even with a deserved raise should still be a bargain. And just think about how great it would be to take such a valuable asset away from the Devils! Poor Lou, it would be sweet justice for letting us take Gomez away (more on him later).

Click here for more. What do you folks think about his picks?

To see the list of other free agents that will be available this offseason, click here.

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Grading the New York Rangers

Over at Scotty Hockey, Scotty grades each New York Ranger based on his performance during the 2008-09 season.

Here’s a sample:

Brandon Dubinsky: What kind of player in Brandon Dubinsky? The pillar of power that started the season, the frustrated youngster who couldn’t do anything right and went 23 games without a goal in one stretch or the tough battler who used his size and strength for good in the playoffs? The thought to cut in and use his size and positioning to free Avery from the boards set up the lone goal in Game 7 and was a clutch veteran move. Should he continue to progress and find a scoring touch with some consistency to go with the dedication to his teammates, that C should be his in a season or two. B-

Click here to find out how the rest of the Blueshirts were graded.

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Some Gloomy Rangers Reading

With a tough game against the Boston Bruins slated for tomorrow afternoon, the New York Rangers are in an extremely difficult position.

If the Florida Panthers beat the Atlanta Thrashers tonight, they will be tied for the 8th spot in the Eastern Conference and should the Rangers lose tomorrow afternoon and the Panthers win again on Sunday evening against the Pittsburgh Penguins, they’ll be in ninth place heading into the final week of the regular season.

For more on last night’s 4-2 loss to the Carolina Hurricanes, check out the following links:

- Scotty Hockey
- Ranger Rants
- SNY Rangers Blog
- New York Post

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Rangers Reading

Tonight’s game against the Carolina Hurricanes is a huge one for the New York Rangers as they look to increase the space between them, the Montreal Canadiens and Florida Panthers while also shooting for a higher seed in the Eastern Conference.

Check out the links below for more on tonight’s match up:

- Rangers Report
- Scotty Hockey
- SNY Rangers Blog
- NewYorkRangers.com

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Deadline Cramming on Scotty Hockey

Scotty from the great New York Rangers blog Scotty Hockey penned a great blog yesterday on what the Rangers should do at the trade deadline.

Click here for more.

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Not a Surprise

If you are a New York Rangers fan or had been watching the team the past month and a half or so, you knew that the team was going to make a change whether it was with management, acquiring/trading a player or firing the coach.

As it turns out, it was the third option as the team let go of head coach Tom Renney and replaced him with John Tortorella. While many people will feel for Renney and believe that it really wasn’t his fault, this move had to be made and Tortorella will come in, hold players accountable and may be just the guy that the team needs going forward.

For more reaction regarding the move, please check out the following links:

- Rangers Report
- Blue Notes
- Rangers Rant
- Blueshirt Bulletin
- Scotty Hockey

What do you folks think?

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Rangers Round Table on Sean Avery

With the New York Rangers continuing to spiral downwards, Greg Wyshynski of Yahoo Pucky Daddy thought it would be appropriate to hold a round table discussion regarding the team’s potential new spark plug, Sean Avery.

Greg was kind enough to ask me to join Scotty Hockey, Dubi Silverstein of Blueshirt Bulletin, Joe McDonald of NY SportsDay, The Dark Ranger, Eric Roitman from 5-hole.com, and Lauri from Beyond the Blueshirts.

Click here to read more.

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Don’t Give It Away

The New York Rangers have won two of their last four games (had a 2-1 OT loss to the Buffalo Sabres and 6-3 spanking at the hands of the Montreal Canadiens) and look to continue their strong defensive play and timely goal scoring when they take on the New York Islanders tonight at the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum.

After head coach Scott Gordon explained to the media that he wants to play his youngsters more, it’s easy to think that the Rangers may skate all over the Isles tonight and come up with two points. However folks, remember that this is the Blueshirts and that they’ve lost games like this to the Isles before.

As such, Rangers’ head coach Tom Renney is keeping the same lineup he used on Saturday night in the team’s 2-0 shutout victory over the Ottawa Senators. This means that Aaron Voros and Dan Fritsche will once again be scratches.

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An Interview with a Rangers Blogger

Since I’m sure all you die hard New York Ranger fans know what happened last night and know what this team needs to do to be better on a consistent basis, I figured I’d forget about talking about last night’s debacle against the New Jersey Devils and instead post an interview I did with a Rangers Blogger: Scotty Hockey.

Scotty was kind of enough to take time during this holiday season to tell us how he fell in love with the game and the Rangers, how he got into writing/blogging about hockey, what the future of hockey blogging will bring and of course, his outlook on the Blueshirts.

Enjoy and remember to visit Scotty Hockey for thoughts and opinions on the Broadway Blueshirts.

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Ranger Reading

Tonight, the New York Rangers (22-12-3) return from their two-day holiday break to take on the New Jersey Devils (19-11-3) at Madison Square Garden.

Luckily for the Blueshirts, the Devils played last night and got shutout by the Pittsburgh Penguins (19-12-4) so they may a bit tired. The Devils also haven’t scored a goal in regulation in seven period. On the other hand, that’s never stopped the Rangers from losing before so why should these be considered factors now?

The main note for tonight’s game is that defenseman Michal Rozsival is out tonight because of what the team is describing as family reasons. In his place will be Corey Potter.

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Rangers Reading Before Tonight’s Tilt with the Capitals

As the New York Rangers get set to take on the Washington Capitals tonight at Madison Square Garden, feel free to check out the following team-related blogs to get all the up-to-date news and information regarding your Blueshirts:

- New York Rangers website
- Sam Weinman’s Rangers Report
- Steve Zipay’s Blue Notes
- Dubi Silverstein’s Blueshirt Bulletin (Please consider subscribing to BB +, which provides even more tremendous content on the Blueshirts)
- SNY Rangers Blog
- Scotty Hockey

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A Tough Test

If there was ever a game that the New York Rangers could use as a measuring stick, tonight’s tilt with the San Jose Sharks in San Jose would be that game.

San Jose comes into tonight’s matchup sporting a 25-4-3 record, good for 53 points and the top spot in both the Western Conference and the Natioanl Hockey League. On the other side, the Bluershirts come into tonight’s game with a 22-11-2 record, 46 points and sits in second place in the Eastern Conference (at least until all the other teams catch up in games played).

In his Rangers Report Blog, Journal News Ranger beat writer Sam Weinman says that tonight’s game could be a game where the Rangers realize that they’re not that far off or they could realize that they still have a lot of work to do to become a Stanley Cup contender.


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Some Ranger Reading

Prior to tonight’s tilt with the Calgary Flames, I figured I would give you folks some links to check out regarding tonight’s game from the Rangers point-of-view:

- Sam Weinman’s (The Journal News) Rangers Report

- Steve Zipay’s (Newsday) Blue Notes

- Dubi Silverstein’s Blueshirt Bulletin

- Andrew Gross’s (The Record) Ranger Rants

- SNY’s Rangers Blog

- Scotty Hockey

Enjoy the game folks!

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