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03/17/2007 at 5:05pm EDT



Alanah, Paul and Bill (a.k.a. IwoCPO) will be doing a group


liveblog tonight of the Vancouver Canucks vs Detroit Red Wings game. Essentially, 2 Wings fans and 1 Canucks fan, sharing a great deal of highly inaccurate information as the game progresses.

It’s the final game of the season series tonight, hosted by Vancouver who currently holds the series advantage thus far with a 2-1-0 record versus the Red Wings. Six Canucks share the team scoring lead in games versus the Red Wings with three points each. Nicklas Lidstrom and Dan Cleary have each recorded three points against Vancouver this season to share the team lead.

So that’s the boring stuff. The important things to know are these: “The Sedins are Here to Pump You Up” and Mike Babcock says the Wings are on a “dry run for the playoffs.” And of course EVERYONE is afraid of getting hit by flying ladies undergarments.

What could be more fun than that? If you’d like to join us in the trash-talk, we’ll see you on this post at game time, 7pm PT/10pm ET.


Pre-Game (IwoCPO)— In preparation for tonite’s game I’ve gone ahead and gotten a new tattoo. Left arm, “Cloutier”. It’s simple, dignified yet says so much.
Pre-Game (Alanah)— stfu, sailor boy.
Pre-Game (IwoCPO) stfu? Is there a hook in that mouth of yours? What would your bookstore patrons say if they knew you talked to innocent sailors like that. The game hasn’t even started and you’re biting people’s heads off. I’m saddened for all Canuck fans.
Pre-Game (Alanah) What, for the love of God, is an “innocent sailor”? You’re giving me a headache.
Pre-Game (Alanah) For Wings fans who probably haven’t seen it… you’ve got to admit this is entertaining.
Pre-Game (Paul) Pierre McGuire mentioned on the Hockey Hot Stove Zetterberg has circled March 30th as his return date.
Pre-Game (Alanah) Guess Jiri Hudler will have to be the Wings Scoring Superstar for a couple more weeks. Who’d've thunk it? Not Bill…
Pre-Game (Alanah) HNIC’s “After Hours” guest is Canucks GM Dave Nonis. Send your questions here, if you feel you must.
Pre-Game (Paul) Detroit area fans, what station are you going with? I will be monitoring both CBC and Fox Sports Detroit…
Pre-Game (Alanah) Hockeyville is announced on CBC—so let me introduce you to two very sad hockey bloggers…
Pre-Game (IwoCPO) My updates tonite will be periodical at best. I’m counting on AlanaH’s objectivity during my absences.
Pre-Game (Alanah) Bad plan.

First Period

20:00 (Alanah) Waiting for puck drop. Wanna bet Da Dom Hasek is—at this very moment and for the first time in his life—pondering the existence of Jeff Cowan in the NHL? Heh.
20:00 (Paul) You really shouldn’t be betting!
19:25 (Alanah) I’m an excellent gambler.
18:20 (Alanah) Holstrom in the box for 2 min. He suffers the fate of Twin Power.
16:34 (Alanah) Sadly, Canucks suffer the fate of sucking a$$ on the power play…
16:32 (Paul) When does the PP start?
15:00 (Paul That Chelios, so hard to contain!
14:45 (Alanah) I love watching Hasek flop around. (More penalities? 2 for the wings, 1 for the nucks in about 5 minutes of game time.. geezus) correction: it gets worse. another canucks penalty…
13:55 (Paul) Bingo Dats!
13:00? (Alanah) Puke. Detroit scores. Oh well… we’ll lull them into a state of complacency
12:00 (Alanah) Ryan Kesler interview on CBC. He says he expects to be back on the team in a couple weeks. His surgery was 7 weeks ago now.
10:20 (Alanah) Not thrilled about ANOTHER Canucks powerplay. Every time we have an ‘advantage’ it SUCKS.
10:00 (Paul) Canucks have had enough practice on the PP, they are due.
8:28 (Alanah) Sarcasm, Paul? Very disappointing.
8:00? (Alanah) SMOLINSKI!!! Tied game, 1-1 (after the powerplay expired, it should be noted)
7:08 (Paul) Time for Bootland.
7:08 (Alanah) (I don’t even know what that means… oh oh.)
6:00 (Paul) Gordie there, Wings won’t lose, Gordie won’t allow it.
5:00 (Paul) Do they call penalties on the West coast differently?
4:40 (Alanah) ha!
4:00 (Alanah) Btw, I took this test today in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. Anyone wanna guess how badly I failed? Oy. Disturbing.
4:00 (Paul)Dive!
3:30 (Alanah) Refs steal Canucks Goal! (kidding)
2:50 (Alanah) Gotta like it when Maltby gets a breakaway. It’s like a light nap for Luongo…
2:00? (Paul) Malts is hot, 2 recent goals!
1:30 (Alanah) One of my best efforts at making Malts “hot”. (that’s a classic. God, I’m good…)
0:10 (Paul) Well, this has been a wasted 1st period. No flow, no nothing. Stay awake, it can’t get much worse.
0:00 (Alanah) Sure it could—Vancouver could lose. Not likely, but still worth consideration.

1st Intermission (Paul) Good to see Howie Meeker on CBC. Many of you are way too young to remember him, but he was great as an analyst.
1st Intermission (Paul) Goodby TooToo, there is a perfect example of no respect on his part.
1st Intermission (Alanah) God, I think I only brought one beer to this foolishness. What the hell?

Second Period

19:30 (Alanah) Vancouver had over 9 minutes powerplay time in the 1st? Ultimate Canucks momentum killer these days
19:00 (Paul) We made it thru the 1st minute without a penalty, could be a good sign.
17:30? (Alanah) Apparently not. They were just biding their time. Canucks penalty.
17:00 (Alanah) Did I see someone in the comments mention “beer delivery”? So cruel to TEASE me.
16:00? (Alanah) (fortunately wine is available, lest you worry about me)
15:00? (Alanah) The good thing about the Canucks parade to the box? They’re more successful penalty killers than they are power players lately.
14:45 (Paul) I don’t know why, but I can see this game ending 5-3 or something like that.
14:00? (Alanah) If the refs don’t stop blowing their whistles, I’m leaving. MORE penalties. 4 on 4….
12:20 (Alanah) Sheesh, it’s pretty bad when I’m starting to look forward to the bra-throwing more than the next shift.
12:20 (Paul) Both teams are better off without the PP. Very strange game so far.
10:00? (Alanah) Chelios is such a punk. But I appreciate things getting lively so I shan’t be too obnoxious about it. More fun making fun of Hasek, anyway.
9:00? (Alanah) WHOOOOOO!
9:00? (Alanah) Krajicek and the Twins. (sounds like a band!) score 2-1 Canucks
9:00 (Paul) Dom decides to go for a stroll, again at the wrong time.
6:50 (Alanah) Sorry, Wings fans. A friend just found this on the Canucks board and sent it to me…


5:40 (Paul) Funny, if you like old news…
5:30 (Alanah) Admittedly, the Wings are getting hosed by the refs. But hell, it’s not like it helps the Canucks. God, this Special Teams Game is annoying… but it sure would help if the Wings quit doing dumb stuff too (Breakout rush with 6 guys, Detroit? Not so good…)
5:00? (Alanah) Shots are 30-18 in favor of Vancouver now. Wow.
4:00? (Paul) Cowan is lucky, Hasek would have destroyed him!
2:40 (Alanah) Morrison scores shorthanded and I’m speechless with joy. (No, not really. WHOOO!)
1:30? (Alanah) Enjoying the anti-Hasek chants by the crowd. Geez, might not be the best game, but so much fun at the moment, for those who enjoy the little things. (Like a 3-1 lead. And making fun of Hasek, for instance)
1:00 (Paul) This is officialy the Wings stinker of the year, at least the first 39 minutes.
0:00 (Alanah) Excuse me. I’m going to go celebrate with wine. (Just in case things go wrong in the 3rd, I might as well enjoy the situation while it lasts…)

Third Period

20:00 (Alanah) If anyone is worried about where Bill is, I have it from a reliable source that he’s up to his neck in a bottle of scotch somewhere. Be sure to keep him in your prayers.
18:30 (Paul) Next goal wins!
18:00? (Alanah) Conceding defeat? :)
15:40 (Alanah) Holy crap. I just realized that CBC has adapted ‘In Da Club’ by 50 Cent as their in-game scoreboard music. Frightening.
15:40 (Paul) No way, just whatever team scores next, will win the game.
12:00 (Alanah) Is it just me or did this game suddenly get noticeably slower, quieter?
12:00 (Paul) Someone please score, so we can know if we have a game or can go to bed.
5:45 (Alanah) Wow. Just updating in case anyone else hadn’t slipped into a coma… I’m very, very close myself.
5:10 (Paul) If we meet in the 2nd round, I sure hope the games are as exciting as this one. Can’t wait!
2:00 (Alanah) This is the time of the game that Luongo’s $6 million seems cheap. Wow.
1:20? (Alanah) Linden seals the game with an empty-netter. Yay!! Whoo!!!
1:00? (Paul) There it is, next goal… Been kind of fun folks, see you in late April.
0:33 (Alanah) Despite sucking a bit, that was a bit fun for us Canucks fans. Sorry Paul… and Wings readers.
0:00 (Alanah) 4-1 Canucks. Goodnight everyone. Thanks for the visitors and comments. :)

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