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Why Glen Murray is Supposed to Hate Mats Sundin

07/24/2008 at 6:59pm EDT

Craig Custance at The Sporting News wonders about Glen Murray:

So now what? It’s widely assumed that Murray will be bought out by the Bruins. The Boston Globe’s Fluto Shinzawa talked with Boston GM Peter Chiarelli and Chiarelli acknowledged that this was a tough decision, but needed the flexibility. “It’s not written in stone that he’ll be bought out, but it is a step toward that,” Chiarelli told Shinzawa.

Now, there might not have been takers for Murray at $4.15 million, but he becomes a viable option for a team looking for help on the wing if he gets bought out.

I certainly wouldn’t cry about him playing for my favorite team for a modest discount, but who knows how much of a price cut will be available? As Murray’s agent tells Custance, he expects a strong market for his client.

But if that doesn’t work out, it seems that Murray can always blame Mats Sundin for his troubles…

From Fluto Shinzawa’s blog at the Boston Globe yesterday, this observation from some nameless agent:

...if Mats Sundin had made a decision on his future, the current trade market (stuck firmly in park) might have loosened up. If that were the case, the Bruins might have considered an alterative to placing Murray on waivers…

Geezus. To some extent this is probably true (though I think the suggestion somewhat ignores the obstacle that Murray’s own inflated salary presented), but that would only explain the situation the Bruins have been facing.

What about the teams that might have been interested in Murray and players like him? Sundin has handcuffed them, has he? He’s responsible for them all sitting in “park”?

Give me a break.

Teams are—or certainly should be—capable of making their own decisions about whether they want to wait on the Sundin Sweepstakes, or move forward with alternatives for their club.

But heck… I’m no hotshot in the hockey world. Maybe the smart kids are right and it really is all Mats Sundin’s fault.

Who really cares that as a UFA he’s entitled to take all the time he wants; or that he’s stated openly that he would take his time to decide since day one of free agency (or even before day one, if I recall correctly); or that the 30 teams of the NHL are not actually his problem but businesses that need to take care of their own interests…

At this rate, I fully expect the argument of the “Sundin Screw Job” to escalate into the Sundin Conspiracy as time marches towards August.

I’m just waiting for someone to blame the guy for global warming and the world’s current energy crisis to really round things out.

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