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Why Colorado Can't Win Tonight

03/27/2007 at 6:40pm EDT
The Colorado -- Vancouver series continues tonight -- a game that we can expect both teams to be extremely motivated to win. Vancouver to continue fighting for home ice advantage and the division lead; and Colorado to simply get a playoff spot.Here are the reasons that Vancouver will win:(1) Canucks have been sucking their oxygen tanks extra time. No chance of falling over from the altitude problems.(2) Avalanche fans are can be tools. (I know of 2 obviousexceptions to this rule -- and there are probably a few others -- but I still think it's a safe generalization.)(3) Luongo and the D didn't have their greatest game Sunday night. But when's the last time you remember their suckitude happening twice in a row? Exactly.(4) The Canucks have analyzed the issue and decided that only TWO shots in each of the final two periods is not quite a winning strategy. They will adjust accordingly.(5) History of the Avs discourages God from giving them more happiness in the future:
*Image originally created and published by me on VCOE last summer.

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