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Who Will Be the Last Men Standing?

04/02/2008 at 4:09pm EDT

Down to the wire with two games left, Nashville and Vancouver are duking it out for the #8 spot in the only playoff-like contest one of these teams is going to experience this spring. Which makes every game into ‘must see’ hockey.

Perfect timing then, to lose my cable & internet connection for 4 freakin’ days. Thus: no hockey games, no hockey news, no hockey emails, no hockey video highlights…

No hockey at all. Nada.

It was the best 96 hours of my life.

But alas, all good things must come to an end, and Shaw Cable was good enough to have everything in perfect working order in time for last night’s Vancouver/Colorado game. (And thank God. It would’ve been tragic to miss that...)

But to the question: Will the Vancouver Canucks make the playoffs?

imageIt’s an argument that keeps sucking every fan into its vortex and it’s only going to drive them insane.

I swear, I’m off that crazy train. The verdict will be whatever it is, and Canucks fans should just prepare for both options: plentiful heart medication and booze if they make it; or, an alternate team to align ourselves with if they don’t. (*Note— the more self-destructive the team, the better. For reliable post-season implosions, I personally favor either the Dallas Stars or the Ottawa Senators. Other suggestions?)

Back to Colorado vs Vancouver, I can’t imagine why anyone thought there was a snowball’s chance in Denver that the Canucks were going to win that game, anyway.

First off, it was April Fool’s Day, for chrissakes. Betting on the Avs for that game was guaranteed to make me a very rich Canucks fan. It was just a no-brainer.

Secondly, there’s a pattern to consider here: win a game, lose a game; (or win 1, lose 6… whichever) has been a matter of course for a while now. We can’t know what this team is going to do one period to the next, much less one game to the next. If anything, smoking Calgary Sunday night was nearly a predictor of disaster last night.

Two more games left, and the Canucks have the harder schedule (Edmonton/Calgary) compared to the Predators (St. Louis/Chicago), but that doesn’t mean squat, either.

I wouldn’t bet on either of those Vancouver games, other than to say that the Canucks will win one of them FOR SURE—probably Thursday’s against Edmonton—just to keep the pain alive.

(How much easier it must be to be a Wings fan?! Crap.)

Update 12:55pm PT— Entirely unrelated to the whining above, but it seemed like a good idea to bring some light to the darkness:

The American Hockey League announced today that Manitoba Moose center Brad Moran has been named the CCM/AHL Player of the Month for March. Moran tallied five goals and 16 assists for 21 points in 13 games to help the Moose to a 10-1-0-2 record last month.

(from MLN)

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