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What Vancouver Needs: More Swedes

04/13/2008 at 8:13am EDT

From Darren Dreger at TSN:

Highly touted Swedish prospect Fabian Brunnstrom is closing in on becoming a Vancouver Canuck. The Canucks and Brunnstrom’s agent JP Barry are hoping to have something finalized within the next week to ten days as the process has heated up over the last few days.

The same basic information was also repeated by Scott Morrison on CBC’s Hotstove Saturday night as well [video available here].

So: the hottest, unsigned forward to be talked about around the NHL for the last 4 months might be coming to Vancouver next season? How’d that happen?

Back in January, Jeff Marek at CBC noted that the frontrunners for Brunnstrom were Detroit, Toronto and Vancouver. A few days after that, Helene St. James in her Detroit Free Press blog commented, “I hear he’s already made up his mind about coming to Detroit.” (Interesting, although “I hear” doesn’t really say much about her sourcing. But maybe in Detroit, “I hear” is proper format for breaking news? Who knows. Wings fans/journalists = freakshow). :)

Meanwhile, Dreger’s guess (and let’s face it: if a deal is still 7-10 days away, he’s guessing about any detail JP Barry didn’t personally dictate to him on Saturday) is a deal of 2+ years for $2+ million per. Morrison’s guess was about 3 years.

You know, all of this would be sort of exciting if this weren’t the Vancouver Canucks of 2008 we were talking about. Has Dave Nonis even run this by his favorite coach yet?? I fear Alain Vigneault may have strenuous objections to any player that might fantasize about spending time in the offensive zone…

But while the excitement lasts, more on Brunnstrom can be found in a brief November 2007 profile in The Hockey News, plus video here and here.

Be sure to check it all out. I think it’s important that we all appreciate his exceptional skill level before Vancouver signs him and turns him into a $2 million traffic cone.


Update 12:30pm PT: George Malik at MLive has more on the Brunnstrom story.
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