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06/18/2008 at 1:03pm EDT

1.Markus Naslund: Money Doesn’t Matter (mostly)

On his decision to play at least one more season in the NHL:

“It was not a hard decision to make with a little distance to everything. I feel very motivated to continue playing in NHL.”

and more…

Is Swedish club team Modo an option?:
“No. I want to continue playing over there [NHL], but for which club is far from done.”

On what he’s seeking next NHL season:
“Money is not most important to me, I prioritize the social part, what type of hockey the team plays and which type of players they have. To play for another club in the same division would feel weird. But we will have to wait and see what happens. As I said before, most important is the social part and that they play a type of hockey that fits me.”

On selling his Vancouver home:
“We sold it since I was unsure of the future. The door to Vancouver is not closed, but it is far from sure that I will end up there.”

2. Mike Gillis: Size Doesn’t Matter (to Gillis, at least)

He says that “size doesn’t matter and “he is just as likely to choose a smaller player with more competitiveness than one with ideal height and bulk.”

He’s willing to trade the team’s #10 first-round selection for a top-six forward.

He’s not risking Canucks’ draft picks on Russians.

Gillis on Ryan Walter - “I know Ryan worked with the Montreal Canadiens this year [as a consultant] and there was a noticeable difference. In talking with people from Montreal, they thought Ryan was instrumental in getting that team to be more focused, more of a team and allowing younger players to fit into the lineup in a meaningful way.”

3.Alain Vigneault: Punked (but spinning it nicely)

Vigneault admitted that he had reservations about Walter when Gillis first recommended him. Walter has no professional coaching experience and no previous relationship with Vigneault.

But Vigneault said he felt comfortable with Walter, who will look after the forwards and the power play, after the duo spent a day together in Ottawa.

“We discussed everything from systems to teaching methods,” Vigneault said. “He might not have coaching experience per se, but I think that’s where myself and [associate coach] Rick [Bowness] are going to help him get used to the NHL coaching lifestyle.”


Gillis has put his own fox in Vigneault’s henhouse, and Viggy doesn’t like it much.

Too bad for AV. (No, not really.)

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