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05/28/2008 at 7:15pm EDT

Inspired by the news that the NHL credentialed two dozen bloggers to help cover the Stanley Cup Finals, Orland Kurtenblog reflected on their own unsuccessful past experiences dealing with the Vancouver Canucks:

The most frustrating part in all of this is the narcissism. How high and mighty do you have to be to refuse free advertising? Whether they’re in traditional hockey markets or not, NHL franchises will always be in precarious situations because of things like fickle fanbases (wasn’t that long ago the Canucks were playing in front of 9,000 and change), emerging sports (like

hot male oil wrestling

UFC) and constantly shifting demographics and economies (ask Detroit).

The Canucks do it because they figure they’re the big dog in town… [...] Regardless, there’s something intrinsically wrong with people in the entertainment industry - and despite what they put on the ice this season, the Canucks are in the entertainment business - turning down free shots at getting their product out to the public.

Couldn’t agree more. I have so many good stories on the subject of the Canucks and media relations, telling them here would be akin to asking for a lawsuit to drop on my head.

And I’d like to point out, I’ve had numerous great experiences with other NHL teams over the years. Most are very accommodating when asked to provide information and access as needed.

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