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11/12/2008 at 5:40pm EST

Update 7:32 pm PT:The Power of Nili is obviously very strong. Luongo has broke his record and did it the hard way, his team being out-shot 3,219 to 2 in the first period thus far. (Whoever said superstitions were stupid clearly isn’t a hockey fan…) :)


“The Shut-Out Streak We Do Not Speak Of” continues tonight as Roberto Luongo aims to pad his 201 minutes of shutout hockey with a few milestones, such as breaking his own personal record at around the 12 minute mark of the game. (*knock on wood*)

But while the Canucks dressing room has fears about jinxing things, I’m reassured by a secret weapon: my unabashed dedication to irrational hockey superstitions.

And for that, I’m pleased to say we have Nili Power on our side.

imageMeet Nili. She is now the Official Canucks & Beyond TSOSWDNSO Baby.

Nili’s photo came to me by way of her dad Jeff this morning, who had this to say:

“She’s worn the shirt two other times - both on game day, and both times resulting in a shutout victory. I think it bodes well for tonight’s game.”

When I followed up his email with my concerns about Milan “The Canuck Killer” Hejduk, Jeff wasn’t concerned at all.

“I say her powers are up to the Hejdukian challenge!”

Sounds good to me. :)

Bear in mind, this little girl comes from a family line of super-powered Canucks & Beyond superstition aides. It was April of 2007, in fact, that her big ‘brother’ Lew-Ongo was wearing this little outfit through one notable Canucks-Ducks playoff series.

Although remembering how that series came out, let’s hope that Nili’s karma is a little better than Lew-Ongo’s…

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