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Tribute to the 2011 Canucks Playoff Ride

06/25/2011 at 8:45pm EDT

I haven’t written much about the Canucks since the end of the playoffs, mostly because it was so BRUTAL to reflect on. But I’ve never wavered on my opinion that it was a great season and a great run. And as a fan (after a week or so of highly intensive therapy) I’ve been hugely grateful for how far we went. Better to suffer in mid-June than mid-April, right?

I owe a large and belated swath of ‘thank yous’ to the thoughtful people who sent condolences by email and tweets (god, it’s like a funeral in so many ways!), empathizing for our team’s loss (or maybe just feeling sorry for me, their token “Canucks fan” friend).

Whatever it was, it made for a lovely epilogue on the season, and I’m grateful to everyone who had a few nice words to say about my favourite team.

Going to the Stanley Cup Finals was an epic experience as a hockey blogger, and I loved it. Full props to the Bruins and their fans for their amazing accomplishment—but to all the Canucks fans out there, we had a few minutes of fun, didn’t we?

video link

Anyway, I plan to pull myself together, posting the off-season stories and covering next season with some of my old venom. It just took me a few days to pull my head out of the oven.

But I’m doing better, and I hope you are, too!

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