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Top 5 Reasons Sundin Prefers the Canucks to the Habs

07/14/2008 at 5:35pm EDT

Mike Boone at Habs Inside/Out posted this over the weekend:

If Mats Sundin plays hockey this season it will be as a member of the Montreal Canadiens.


Because it makes sense. And Sundin is a sensible guy from Sweden, a sensible social democracy where people drive Volvos and go to Ingmar Bergman movies and learn to play smart hockey.

Spare me. Ingmar Bergman movies are the answer to the Jeopardy question, “What is the most drab and depressing thing you can think of?”

Sundin will sign in Vancouver because it’s exciting and interesting. Don’t believe me? On any given night anything can happen…

Top 5 Reasons the Canucks are the Most Exciting Option For Sundin:

  1. The coach is liable to pound you in the press at any random moment.image
  2. The Sedins will confuse the hell out of him for at least a year—it’ll be fun to speak Swedish but it shall provide no advantage when getting to know the Double Mint twins. (Sundin likes a challenge.)
  3. The Canucks have Jeff Cowan (thus, women may be removing bras at some point and throwing them at you; that’s gotta be a deal maker…) [YouTube]
  4. World-class goalies are liable to get stuck on the toilet during playoff overtimes. (Now that’s excitement.)
  5. It would send the Toronto media into a total meltdown if the Canucks earned their first Stanley Cup on Sundin’s back. Good times for everyone. Especially Sundin.

How can you beat that kind of fun, Montreal? It’s no contest.

We may suck, but geezus… we know how to do it in style. :)

*cartoon courtesy of Offside Sports

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