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08/14/2007 at 3:44pm EDT

Being August 14th, one would think hockey news is at a standstill… and they’d largely be right. But hockey bloggers and fans don’t ever really shut up and there’s still plenty of trash talk and analysis going on.

Here’s a random look at the game today, from fans all around the league. From the serious to the stupid… as it should be.

Starting at Hockey Rants, Jes points out that the Senators are showing interest in Peter Forsberg (though for some options, Scarlett Ice prefers Forberg’s potential on Guitar Hero II and Steven Ovadia shows the Isles are kicking Forsberg’s tires, too); Waiting for Stanley comments on

Roberto Luongo

errr… Alex Auld moving on from Florida; and the Yankee Canuck tries to trash talk the “filthy, rotten” Avalanche but sadly discovers they don’t suck.

That brings me to one of my favorite moments of the week where two Colorado Avs fans argue about the dark side of Joe Sakic’s ‘97 offer sheet, plus throw in some Wings-bashing for extra points. A sample from the Facewash:

Kicksave: Was it Sakic’s greed…or his agents? You forget that there are always middlemen who want theirs…Sakic got paid…one way or another

Boomstick!: wow, soooo delusional. You don’t even want to admit today that Joe-ina was ever driven by greed. Accepting an offer sheet from the pig-whores of the NHL is in fact an act of greed, especially considering he has just won the Cup. Every time i look at him, i remember that offer sheet. Greedy motherfu#@er. Same goes for Adam Foote.

Kicksave: Mmmm…I’d take 7 mil. What did Chris Chelios sign for in Detroit by the way?

Boomstick!: Chris Chelios never quite made it to Detroit. Very tragic, that whole thing. The wreckage. the flames. The children screaming. Oh…the children screaming.

(Geez, the “Dark Side of Joe Sakic” is a photoshop opportunity just begging to be made… I may have to send it to them as a “welcome to hockey blogging” gift.)

From Sidearm Delivery, look at the highest paid Russian Super League players; Mike Chenbreaks down the last Hockey News fantasy guide for accuracy (ha!); at NHL Logos you can vote on Panthers vs Penguins (Penguins kicking ass thus far); Eyes on the Prize argues that the Canadiens need an identity makeover; and End of the Benchreviews the d-men Columbus fans need to start caring about… From Duvie to Ole.

Legends of Hockey has been looking at a ton of hockey greatness lately. Find out who are potentially The Greatest of all time. And if all that isn’t enough for you, Japers’ Rink has defined the hockey blogosphere by the Urban Dictionary. *shudder*

There you have it… plenty of hockey reading to enjoy with a lemonade (or two cases of beer) on a nice, globally-warmed, climate-changed, sorta day.

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