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Sluts Need Hockey Tickets, too

03/23/2007 at 6:52am EDT
I'm not saying this with any degree of judgment, just stating the facts -- and these are da facts: it's kinda SLUTTY to get NAKED and offer your "SERVICES" on CRAIGSLIST for CANUCKS TICKETS!Here is the NOT SAFE FOR WORK LINK! (NSFW! for those who might be functionally idiotic...)Note 1: Thanks to David at TIB. Though I'm very disturbed wondering how you found that link. Note 2: Of course, getting naked for playoff tickets would not be slutty; sometimes it's just practical. DO NOT judge me if things descend that far, dammit...Update 1pm PT I guess they got their hockey tickets -- the posting has been removed. (Maybe I shouldn't have called them "slutty". Perhaps "resourceful" would have been a better word.)

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