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Shanahan: You've Got Some Explaining to Do

03/20/2007 at 5:33pm EDT

(1) Any moment in the same location with Lindsay Lohan is bound be packed tight with paparazzi within 20 minutes of her appearance. Since she’d already been showing of with her strip show before Shanahan was apparently in the limelight, you can safely a assume the place was swarming with photogs. I think we can safely assume that Shanahan is not performing sex acts in front of the press, for chrissakes.

(2) This item is being “reported” by PAGE SIX! It might as well be the National Enquirer for all the credibility I’d give them. And they’re clearly providing very limited information, preferring to create a firestorm of speculation than actually backing up their quick comment. I did send and inquiry to their editors earlier today to request the details of this story they’re “hinting” at, but they declined to respond thus far. I doubt it matters to them much.

Now, a couple other relevant points—the club that Lohan and Shanahan were at is an upscale, modern-vaudeville type place on the Lower East Side called “The Box”. It’s known for having somewhat-unique performers, the type that like to draw the audience into the show, create some laughs. You can read more about the place here and here.

Finally, while Shanahan isn’t a friend of mine personally, he is a good friend-of-a-friend. I dropped a note to that individual earlier today to ask if he knew what the deal was, how Shanahan got himself in that situation with the press being there.

My friend responded with the comment that this is all just over-reported nonsense, and added this to make his point:

“Believe me when I tell you this, when he was without any kids, his night on the town consisted of dinner at local restaurant and a movie. With 3 kids now, it’s dinner at Mac’s and a Barney movie.”

Anyway, I’ve said my piece. I like making fun of “enemy” players, but not at the expense of making anyone look bad who doesn’t deserve it.

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