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Random Weirdness of the Silly Season

06/30/2011 at 3:57pm EDT

This year’s NHL trading season seems to feature a lot of odd dramas.

There’s the madness of Jagr-Watch (Is he in New York? At Wimbledon? Getting a mullet-blowout in Russia? Hiding under a coffee table somewhere?). And there’s Christian Ehrhoff and his negotiating rights banging all over North America for the price of 4th round draft picks, which apparently every team in the east has stockpiled for this purpose. (And I’d love to play the game “What City Will Ehrhoff Search the Real Estate Listings for Next?!” but I suspect/fear the Sabres will be the ones to lock him down. Buffalo real estate is cheaper than cheese.)

And then there’s the Ryan-Smyth-to-Edmonton (no, Calgary… no, Edmonton…) And it’s that deal between the Kings and Oilers that’s getting a new shot of drama today. From Helene Elliott, a series of Tweets about an “angry” Kings organization:

Colin Fraser, player Kings acquiired in Ryan Smyth deal, has unhealed fracture/cyst and will need surgery 4 months projection. Kings angry

Especially after Brule fiasco. Kings had intended to let Fraser compete for job, not buy him out. Neither can happen now

Smyth trade won’t be voided. Kings and Oil will try to work this out.

But likelihood of Kings and Oil trading again in future is, um, small.

Apparently Oilers’ medical reports said Fraser was healed. Kings’ personnel found otherwise.

An unhealed fracture that no one noticed? Sure, that makes sense.

What a circus.

With all this goofiness, the announcement of Peter Forsberg’s number being retired this morning is probably making him antsy to put his skates back on.

It is the silly season, after all. Forsberg pulling another comeback would be the perfect way to take this party to a whole new level.

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