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Random Chelios Flashback

06/01/2008 at 4:04pm EDT

Chris Chelios may not be getting much time handling the puck in these Stanley Cup Finals, but he’s still getting some facetime on CBC.

On last night’s Coach’s Corner on HNIC, Don Cherry flashes back to an old clip from Grapevine, c.1989, which I took the liberty of popping onto YouTube.


The Hiccupping Baby Chelios, Dean, most recently played a season in the USHL. And for more on Chelios of the Past, here’s a 1990 Sports Illustrated article focussed on his personal life, parenting, etc.

Note: Cherry guesses the date of the clip at 1988 but Dean wasn’t born till 1989. [YouTube direct link]


Incidentally, I vaguely remember seeing that Chelios/Cherry clip when it originally aired. (Oy. Everything about this post is making me feel really &*#[email protected] old…)

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