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Preparing for God to Lace 'Em Up

01/07/2009 at 5:22pm EST

Geez. I swear (swear!) I’m as excited as the next dude about having the Swedish Meatball (term of endearment, honest) debut for the Canucks tonight, but surely this city is losing its head. Mats Sundin’s highly-anticipated game in Edmonton has all the hallmarks of a religious event.

Here are some stray signs that Vancouverites are losing their minds:

  • The Yankee Canuck pictures it: Swede. White Horse. Ethereal Clouds. (The only thing that’s missing is the Hand of God to really flesh out the image.)
  • One C&B reader who shall remain nameless (Ryan…) mentioned yesterday that he’s changed his travel plans this week simply to ensure he can be home to watch the game. (Update: Another C&B reader—Trini—has apparently ditched her friends/family tonight for the same cause.)
  • My own husband has decided he’s going to forego a posh birthday dinner on the town to stay home and eat take-out tonight, just so he can watch that illustrious Swedish dude try and figure out which Sedin is which.
  • Then there’s Waiting for Stanley‘s blog header.
  • Or there’s the fact that CBC radio had me on the air—of all people—simply to discuss Sundin’s arrival in town last week. (And while I was stellar, no doubt, I suspect I was also exceedingly unnecessary.)
  • Nancy Henderson, one of the official bloggers, wrote this two days ago: “SOS! SOS! Start Our Swede!! Oh Mr. Sundin, when will we see your enormous Nordic self out on the ice? The wait is killing me.” (Cripes.)
  • Ryan Dixon at The Hockey News insists that “not all point-per-game players are created equal.” (Some are named Mats, I guess.)

And so it goes. It’s a chorus of love. And none of that would be a bad thing if I didn’t feel 110% certain that it was all going to suddenly go to hell the first bad game Sundin has.

The first bad shift.

This town is going to get whiplash revamping its opinions 180 degrees each and every day of the next 4 months, bet on it. Hell, I’m getting a headache just thinking about it.

On the other hand, there’s always an Oilers fan ready to interject a bit of sarcasm on tonight’s love fest. From one of those Mother Puckers...

Well whooptie freakin’ do! The day that we’ve all been waiting for (or at least CBC, TSN, and SNET) may finally be here as supposedly Fats (Mats) Sundin will be making his season debut tonight

With a charming photo, too.

Oy. And the fun part is that I bet we’ll only have to wait a week for it to be Canucks fans posting such photos and slinging the trash talk at their new star.

Buckle up. This is gonna be a carnival ride. Vancouver style. :)

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