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Post-Game 4: Thoughts, Anxieties and the Art of Optimism

06/09/2011 at 1:35am EDT

The Canucks have looked tired, weak, confused and disoriented these last two games. If the Canucks were a dog we’d probably talk to a vet about euthanasia. However, I do think the team will regain their vigor back home, barring some injuries we don’t know about, anyway. (Seriously, Ryan Kesler, where’d you go???)

Couple reasons I’m not freaking out. First, I did write before this series started that I expected a couple blowout scoring games, so I guess I can’t complain when it happens. (Of course, I wish at least one them was where we came out on top, but what can you do?). Second, I’d figured on a 7 game series. Being tied 2-2 pretty much tracks.

Of course, playing like ass for these last two games didn’t really fit into my agenda, but them’s the breaks. The series against Chicago sort of conditioned me to grin and bear the pain… good things happen to those who don’t have a heart attack before the final whistle.

All I know is: thank God for that President’s Trophy and the game 7 home ice that comes with it.

A few other notes:

  • Roberto Luongo. Oh Luongo. But I’m not going to waste much energy worrying about him when the entire skating part of the team has only managed to put one puck in the net in the last 78 shots. Schneider should have been put in earlier tonight, though. But Luongo will recover. His ego is too big to be shook up by this chaos, even if we think he should be.
  • Team discipline is an oxymoron. They’re completely losing their shit rather than focusing on the strengths that got them there. It’s idiotic.
  • Random: Listening to the chattering of ref Stephen Walkom was more entertaining than much of that game was to watch in general.
  • Alex Burrows, are you kidding? I realize you don’t like to be chopped, but suck it up, brother. This is the playoffs.
  • Can’t decide if the Bruins are really that much better than the Canucks in these last two games, or if we make them look that much better by sucking so much ourselves. Tim Thomas, though, he’s just plain awesome.

Bruins are playing big and they look it. And the Canucks are playing tiny… like Bantam-level tiny. Not a fun game to watch from this side of the continent, but the best team won these last two games, no question about it.

Oh well. Friday, Vancouver, it’s a new series. Best of 3 and I say the Canucks win game 1.

But damn, the playoffs really suck sometimes…

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