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Post-Game 3: Sharks Over Canucks, 4-3

05/21/2011 at 2:53am EDT

I don’t think there can be any doubt: it’s more fun playing the Sharks when Ben Eager is dressed. Ah well.

Video of all the game highlights, then transcripts below.

Transcripts of post-game interviews with Sharks and Canucks coaches, Todd McLellan and Alain Vigneault:

Alain Vigneault

Q. Just wondering the combination of your goaltender in this building, if you’re considering a change in that area for Game 4?


Q. What did you think of the hit on Rome?

COACH VIGNEAULT: Well, if I was Aaron Rome, I’d be upset right now. But I know that they got the right call on the ice. We’ll see what happens.

Q. Alain, would you say this was more about what they did positive than what you did negative or how would you look at how this game went?

COACH VIGNEAULT: Well, we gave that team I think it was 10 power?plays. I thought we were pretty disciplined.

So if I were to comment on what I think of the penalties, I’d get a pretty big fine so I’m going to save my money.

Q. Is there a possibility that Rome and/or Ehrhoff could miss Game 4?


Q. (No microphone.)

COACH VIGNEAULT: Well, you know, I think Kevin’s intentions were real good. But on certain occasions sometimes he wanted to do a little bit too much out there, got him in trouble. But, you know, overall, he tried real hard, and that’s what we want our players to do at this time of the year.

Q. Alain, at one point in the first period you were getting out?shot 15?1. Is that a direct result of the penalties or more than that?

COACH VIGNEAULT: All their shots were on the power-play, so that’s what it was.

Thanks, guys.

Todd McLellan

Q. What did you like most about the way your team played tonight?

COACH McLELLAN: I thought our intensity was much improved from where it was in Vancouver. I thought we played harder, we won more battles.

All the things that we talked about, all of us as a group yesterday, we were much better in a lot of areas. I liked our penalty kill, still gave up two goals, but it came through when it needed to, on the five?on?three and the power?play. Probably the difference at the end of the night was the five?on?three goal.

Q. Was that the best single game you’ve seen Patrick Marleau play since you’ve been here?

COACH McLELLAN: Been a lot of good games. This was a big game for him, a big one for his line. It’s hard to pick Patty’s best because he’s played a lot of good ones.

Q. We saw Couture came back. What is his status?

COACH McLELLAN: Logan will be fine. He’ll be playing in Game 4.

Q. Can you talk about the importance after Vancouver gets that first goal to weather the storm, not allow that quick second goal?

COACH McLELLAN: I thought that was a real important sequence for us to play the next four, five, six minutes, try and regain our composure. They got a little momentum there.

When we got to the timeout, which was nice, we scored the five-on-three goal. Made a big difference. It kind of calmed us down again. So much better composure tonight on our behalf.

Q. Can you talk a little bit about Patrick Marleau, specifically what he was doing tonight that was helping this team go.

COACH McLELLAN: Well, he competed hard. He was on loose pucks. He skated. He blocked shots. He was good in the faceoff circle. Patty is a multifaceted player. He’s got tons of ability and he can play in any situation. When he’s playing well, you just turn him loose and let him go.

Q. Somebody has to ask about the decision to play the fourth line you chose to play and the one you chose not to play tonight.

COACH McLELLAN: We’ll deal with the one that played. I thought they did a tremendous job. I thought Desi and Ginner both went in and provided lot of energy. Jammer was a calming influence on that line. I felt comfortable using them.

The way the night went, with so many power?plays and penalty kills back and forth, it was hard to get them probably what they deserved, which was a little more ice time.

Q. What did you think of the McGinn call? Do you think there will be anything more than that?

COACH McLELLAN: Well, those situations are always reviewed. Whether there will be any more than that, the league will deal with that with Jamie. I had a chance to watch it on the video. Referees probably made the right call on the ice, there’s no doubt about it. I don’t think there was any intent on Jamie’s behalf.

We hope that Rome is healthy. We don’t want to see that happen to anybody. Could very easily be one of our players in that situation. We do wish him well.

Q. Todd, you got three goals in the first period this time. You played other good first periods and not got that goal production. What is the trick to that? Did you start to see the team you recognized from late in the regular season tonight?

COACH McLELLAN: Well, late in the regular season is not a good point for us to go to. We saw that team. We played 15 playoff games. We saw that team in a number of games in the playoffs.

The last two have not been anywhere near par for our group. So it was nice to see us return to the way we can play.

As far as the start goes, it’s something that we hope to get. The power?play was very sharp. Got us the lead. Eventually probably won us the game.

Q. What are the elements that make the change between the team that takes all the penalties last game to the team that is drawing the penalties? Is it as simple as taking Eager out of the lineup?

COACH McLELLAN: No, I don’t think it’s as simple as taking Ben out of the lineup. Ben Eager played four games against us last year and played very effectively for Chicago and didn’t take any penalties. He has the discipline to control himself. We just felt we would go with a different lineup.

We lost our composure in Game 2. We admitted it. I think that’s the first thing we needed to do. Secondly, our leadership group is pretty strong in the locker room. And it’s so intense out there right now. The game, there’s so much passion in it, when you’re playing ahead, you’re not chasing the game, the other team has a tendency to get frustrated.

They were probably the exact opposite of what we were in Vancouver.

Q. How is it that a team can generate so much more pace and have more legs than it did in the opening two games? Tactical or sheer will?

COACH McLELLAN: Most of it’s will. Some nights you feel better. Some nights you just have it. Some nights the other team doesn’t feel as good. There’s physical reasons for it.

There is some tactics to it. But it didn’t change much from Game 1 and 2 really. The players will tell you that. It’s about executing.

When you execute and make plays, you’re faster. When you bobble it, you’re batting it around, it’s in your feet, you’re not moving, you’re slower. It’s as simple as that.

Q. As the power-plays were there obviously in the first period. How much does that have to do with the power-plays and how much has to do with understanding your down 2-1 in the series?

COACH McLELLAN: I think our group, individuals within our group, spoke to you today about approaching it like Game 7. They obviously did that in the first period.

My answer to that was I’d like them to approach Games 1 through 7 like it was Game 7. We’ll see if we can replicate that again on Sunday afternoon.

Q. When Logan came back onto the bench, were you the one that sent him back in? Did you say anything to him?

COACH McLELLAN: Logan did come back on the bench. I was excited about seeing him. At that point he sat down, he wasn’t quite ready to go. We got him out of that situation.

As I said earlier, he’ll play. He’s fine.

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