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Ovechkin is Everywhere

04/14/2008 at 2:43pm EDT

Something that’s good for NHL exposure—and happens far too seldom for this sport—is crossover appeal into different media. But playoff time is certainly different, as is Alex Ovechkin in particular, who seems to be a favorite of almost everyone.

So, from completely opposite ends of the media spectrum, here’s a Monday morning overdose of AO…

1. Fox News Sunday: Now, here’s a Sunday morning political show lineup you don’t see every day—Former Senator Tom Daschle; Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter; Hadley; Olympic speedskater Joey Cheek; and Alex Ovechkin, left wing player for the Washington Capitals hockey team.

2. Pummeler “Ovechkin” Came out a couple weeks ago, but I only heard it yesterday. And a WARNING: Entirely NOT safe for work… don’t be playing this thing with grandma in the room, for godsakes. (Trust me. I really ticked off a grandma with this last night…):

*thanks to GZ Expat for passing on some of this info

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