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In Transit to Game 5

06/10/2011 at 1:59pm EDT

The Canucks will not win another game. Sedins are a pair of Raggedy Anns. Luongo re-defines sieve. Thomas has intimidated the entire Canucks.

Stan Fischler, post-game 4

Sigh. Not a cheerful thought to open this fine Friday, but what the heck. Dropping to underdog status is pretty much my default comfort zone when it comes to the Canucks, so I can take the hit. Besides, Stan Fischler is a bit of a legend—and a pretty nice man by all accounts—and I know he deserves my respect (even when he’s wrong).

So, rather than go postal on the poor guy, I asked myself: WWTLD?*

He said, “See what he has to say after the Canucks win.” And so I shall. :)

I’m currently in transit to the game (which, from Vancouver Island, requires trains, planes, automobiles, boats, cabs, buses, skytrains… and possibly a freakin’ Star Trek transporter beam if I don’t want to ultimately show up on Tuesday) and hope that by the time you’re reading this, I’m at the morning skate watching someone like Ryan Kesler practice slamming someone else through the boards (Please relax, Damien. I’m referring to clean hits only. We’re not all as righteous as you, but we do try).

As for the game itself—and the boatload of media which will surely crush me like a bug with their cleverness—I’m looking forward to the sensory experience. I’ve never attended any NHL Playoff game, whether as media or as a fan, and a Stanley Cup Final is a pretty exciting proposition, I don’t mind admitting.

The atmosphere is what I’m looking forward to most of all, and probably what I’ll write the most about and remember the longest after it’s over.

I’d love to hear about anyone else’s first NHL playoff game? Did it live up to your expectations?

*Canucks Fans: WWTLD is a good strategy for many of life’s questions.

For example:

“Fries or Salad?” Salad. And go for a bike ride too, you lazy ass.

“Dogs or Cats?” What… are you homeless? Provide shelter for both!

“Mark Messier or Mats Sundin?” ...*cough*

etc. He’s the man.

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