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01/17/2007 at 4:27pm EST

A round-up of the odds and ends found in the hockey blogging world this week. From expansion teams, to NHL porn, to a hockey blogger wedding, I’ve got it all…

If you’re a fan of social networking you’re probably familiar with Face Book. And if you’re not familiar with it, you’re missing out on being BFF with all your favorite hockey players. (Tragic.) So Scarlett Ice has picked up the screenshots from the FaceBook pages of Kyle Wellwood and his 294 friends. FaceBookBoys like: Erik Cole, Evgeni Malkin, Maxim Afinogenov, Dion Phaneuf, Wayne Gretzky, Alexander Ovechkin... the list goes on.

Find out which of these real & fake players are looking for “love!” or to “just be friends!” Or maybe they just want to exchange pirated Eminem cd’s, so help ‘em out—NHLers need friends, too.

TSN’s Darren Dreger suggests that it costs about $4 million per team to implement HDTV for everyone, and 8 Feet’s James Gunner has mixed feelings about the issue: “At least I know that the NHL doesn’t even have the capacity to deliver the jaw-dropping clarity of High-Def that I’ve been missing my whole life and I’m not even talking about watching porn yet.” Well, sure.

And that reminds me, I’m glad to see that at least the NHL’s Florida Panthers are willing to learn something from the porn industry:

Moving on…

“There’s been a lot of talk lately about NHL expansion and the overriding opinion is that the NHL will expand by 2 teams in the next couple of years,” says Wild Puck Banter. (Note: an idea which, incidentally, horrified Kevin Dupont at MSNBC this week). But Wild Puck Banter has probably the most original suggestion for an expansion team I’ve heard: St. Paul, Minnesota. (Say, what?)

Hmmm… I can already imagine the coverage of the Twin Cities War of 2010, as hockey-crazed Minnesotans seek to declare supremacy. Families destroyed, lives ruined, arenas burned to the ground. It could get ugly.

From Tyler Dellow (a.k.a. mc79hockey) we’ve got the 24 metaphors Edmonton lives by: “He’s chained to a chair and getting tortured. The head terrorist gets a phone call and there’s a break in the torture - as he walks out, he says to Bauer, “You will die for nothing.”“

Poor Oilers. Heh heh. (sorry…)

Then there’s the Avalanche, with an ugly $6 million problem on their hands. As Mike Chen puts it, ”[Jose] Theodore’s career hasn’t crashed and burned to a Jim Carey-level disaster…but it’s still pretty crappy.” Chen’s got some ideas on what the Avs might do to resolve their goalie/money problems, but at the end of the analysis, it’s clear Pierre LaCroix blew it badly.

Puck Update took in Saturday’s NBC broadcast because “Hockey Day in Canada was killing me. We get it. All kinds of people play hockey. And save lives. And do both.” (Hey, now…!) But it worked out okay—Steve had some good insights on NBC. And to be honest, I’m always kind of shocked that Americans have any patience for our HDIC madness.

Blog Clip of the Week

Something a bit different this week. We’ve got some hockey blogging romance from an unexpected source, Goon Blog:

“MOL and I have been rivals since Junior. I owe her one, and she owes me a couple. We have gone toe to toe countless times over the years. Win some lose some I guess. With all that history in mind, I have decided to draft her first overall. She’s got wheels, reach, size and strength. It makes sense for the club. So, MOL will soon be known as Mrs. MOL. Do you think a Slap Shot themed wedding would be a little over the top?”

And now for a Slap Shot Moment:

Tim McCracken: “Hundred bucks says you’re gonna crack my skull.”
Ned Braden: “I wouldn’t crack your knuckles for a hundred bucks.”
Tim McCracken: “So, he’s bluffing?”
Ned Braden: “Somebody’s gonna kill you, ya dumb son of a bitch, but it’s not gonna be me.”

Sounds like a great wedding. I say, “Go for it!”


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