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01/09/2007 at 4:24pm EST

This week’s hockey talk and links to the fan writers of the game.

Eyes on the Prize runs down the evidence and asks: Who’s better: Crosby or Ovechkin? Compare the video and decide. And along the same theme you can also head Mike Chen’s direction where he explores the same issue, adding Evgeni Malkin for a bonus challenge.

A Theory of Ice declares “Game Recaps are for Girls”(orly?) and instead provides an informative, in-depth mid-term report card for the Habs. Or for those of you who’d prefer to consider the Sabres’ future over the Canadiens’ past, Bleeding Blue & Gold has produced a 2007 Prospect Report, complete with photos and caption summaries about the future in Buffalo.

Leaf Club had a revelation this week—that Bryan McCabe hasn’t dropped the mitts in three years—and looks back to January 31, 2004 as the turning point. That was the night a “220-pound hockey player was scared out of his mind” by Zdeno Chara. Good times.

LCS Hockey is a favored stop of mine, but editor Michael Menser Dell may have finally gone too far this time: LCS now has a MySpace page. While it personally makes me want to curl up into a ball and die, I’ll wish them luck. Also be sure to check out Hot Oil, where the ladies are in the midst of (and I am not making this up) managing a beauty contest for male hockey bloggers. Scary business.

On the Calgary Flames official blog, the team is said to be facing “gut check time” due to recent revelations about the absence of Iginla’s gut in the lineup. And finally,
Lord Stanley’s Blog
witnesses Carolina’s goodbyes to Kevyn Adams who was traded to Phoenix yesterday.

Apparently the Hurricanes’ locker room was closed for the players to offer their private farewells. Touching stuff, I’m sure…

Blog Clip of the Week

From the Abel to Yzerman:
On the January 6th Wings loss to the Kings…

You really can’t beat that for wholesome family fun. I mean, giving up 9 straight to San Jose was neat, don’t get me wrong. But, allowing arguably the league’s worst team to storm back and kick your tail in front of hockey expert and King “fan” Sandra Bullock? That’s fuzzy and it’s warm and it may even purr, so go ahead and pet it because it’s domesticated and expects you to. [...]

How do you lose to LA, 48 hours after getting your teeth kicked in, on a night ripe for vengeance? Well, start by playing without (a) your number 1 goalie and team MVP, (b) your team’s emotional conscience in Chris Chelios and (c) your brittle, but recently hot, points leader in Pavel Datsyuk.

Oh, and once you realize those three are out? Just go ahead and suck.

P.S. Runner-up for hockey ‘blog clip of the week’ was found over at Wild Puck Banter: “Never mix chili dogs with White Russians. Don’t ask, I’m going to bed.”

Advice to live by, no doubt.


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