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01/02/2007 at 12:02pm EST

This week’s hockey talk and links to the fan writers of the game.

Apparently there’s a retirement party happening in the Central Division tonight, and it may even require a “to do” list if you’re a Wings’ fan. There was also another—rather less discussed—ceremony this past week for a player milestone that deserves its own share of attention. A class guy, is Rod Brind’Amour.

Can you run a professional sports franchise like the NHL without actually being a hockey fan? Puck Update figures “yes”, but perhaps not very well. You can also check out the SabresFans for a Buffalo retrospective of 2006. It’s long and detailed, but surprisingly not all that smug. (Well, it’s a little smug, but they’ve earned it, no doubt).

Sidearm Delivery, with his faithful love of Russian hockey and good music, has set up his own Youtube page with some favorite clips. Be sure to check it out… I mean hell, where else are you going to find obscure Russian hockey footage and rare 1981 performances by The Replacements on the same page? Nowhere.

The internet—it’s a like a miracle sometimes.

If you run a fantasy hockey team (or forty) Dobber’s Hockey has an up-to-the minute pile of random information to save you from unpleasant surprises after setting up tonight’s rosters. And End to End Hockey has a suggestion for a future All Star voting setup that probably should’ve occurred to someone before the current Rory Story.

Speaking of Rory—or whoever (whomever?) you’re voting for—today is the last day for All Star voting, at 8:59 p.m. PST. So get on that if you still want to.

Oh, and two of the biggest hockey fans I know personally, recently picked up a 50” plasma television. If you’ve got any questions regarding the technical side of picking out a kick-ass tv, this would be the post to read.

Finally, I see Carolina’s Acid Queen is leaving the hockey blogging biz for a little while, taking some time off.

Take it easy, AQ—look forward to seeing you back soon.

Blog Clip of the Week

From the Hockey Refs Blog:

It’s been a long road, but I’m done.

My officiating career started in 1997 with a lot of enthusiasm — enthusiasm that slowly disappeared after exposure to the brutal underworld of hockey: the petty politics that determine who advances. I slowly learned that ability doesn’t matter in officiating, instead it’s about who you know.

It’s funny because I’m someone who has worked in politics, ran for office and studied politics, yet I can’t figure out the politics of hockey officiating. Amazing.

I doubt my retirement from the sport will have any impact, though if I can change the system just a little bit and help a young kid make the next level, then I have accomplished a lot — and done more than any of the big shots at USA Hockey.

Ciao, mes amis. Adiós. расцелуйте игрока хоккея!!*


*If someone out there speaks Russian and discovers that I’ve printed something really, really dirty up above, maybe you’ll let me know? Those Russian-English translation tools can be very unpredictable…

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