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Oh Captain, My Captain

09/30/2008 at 4:33pm EDT

How’s that for a cliché title? But the choice of a new Vancouver Canucks captain is not a cliché at all—in fact it’s one heck of a shock.

Roberto Luongo.

Now… did anyone predict that?? Not a chance.

Update 2:39pm ET: Assistant captains—Ryan Kesler, Mattias Ohlund, and Willie Mitchell. Coach Alain Vigneault also states they did advise the NHL this morning that they chose Luongo, and while there is no rule preventing a goalie from being named a captain, he won’t be permitted to have a ‘C’ on his sweater.

More updates below.


Update 3:10pm ET: Since this is bound to be debated ad nauseum amongst Canucks fans today, I’ve hijacked the section of the NHL rule book (via the Yankee Canuck) that pertains to the rules of naming a captain.

6.1 Captain - One Captain shall be appointed by each team, and he alone shall have the privilege of discussing with the Referee any questions relating to interpretation of rules which may arise during the progress of a game. He shall wear the letter “C,” approximately three inches (3”) in height and in contrasting color, in a conspicuous position on the front of his sweater. No co-Captains are permitted. Either one Captain and no more than two Alternate Captains, or no Captain an no more than three Alternate Captains are permitted (see 6.2).

Only the Captain, when invited to do so by the Referee, shall have the privilege of discussing any point relating to the interpretation of rules. Any Captain, Alternate Captain or any player or goalkeeper who
comes off the bench and makes any protest or intervention with the officials for any purpose shall be assessed a minor penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct under Rule 40 – Abuse of Officials. Should
this protest continue, he may be assessed a misconduct penalty, and if it further continues, a game misconduct penalty shall be warranted.

…No playing Coach or playing Manager or goalkeeper shall be permitted to act as Captain or Alternate Captain.

Bottom line—he can’t act as captain during the course of the game, so his assistants will take those responsibilities.

Update…Not everything was good news for Luongo today. :(

Update 7:34pm ET: Joe Pelletier takes a look at other goalies who’ve worn the C.
*image is a screenshot from press conference this morning, via

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