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Naslund, Forsberg, Ohlund and Rumor Assessment

08/16/2007 at 8:08pm EDT


In other news there is word now that Boston may be talking to Vancouver about either Mitchel or Ohlund for Partrice Bergeron, who the Islanders were discussing earlier in the week…I am quite certain that Boston is NOT done and if I would rank the teams to watch for deals in August it would go something like this…
1. Boston -needs D…. will either move a forward to free up cap space to sign Markov, move for a d-man, or sign Tanabe or Berard.
2. Vancouver- needs O…they will either move a d-man for some scoring help or sign Anson Carter or Eric Lindros.

Holy hell. Look, I’m no brain surgeon at the hockey speculation business, but a few things come to mind here:

First: Ohlund has a no-trade clause (noted and considered on Spector’s site the other day, incidentally). So sure, maybe Ohlund might waive that, but possibly that’s worth mentioning in future rumor scenarios?

Second: Willie Mitchell is signed to stay in Vancouver till forever (or damn close) for a price no one complains about. Not to mention, he’s said to be the feature ‘model’ in the widely-publicized photoshoot in Vancouver over a week ago, where he apparently posed in the new jerseys in preparation for publicity later this month. Willie Mitchell wearing the new Canucks logo: that seem like a guy that’s going to get traded???

Third: Anson Carter or Eric Lindros incoming. I think someone needs a breathalyzer test. Not because it’s impossible, but because it requires an explanation, for godsakes.

When it comes to Carter, there are a lot of reasons to believe that his return to Vancouver would be laden with difficulty. The last negotiations between our former Sedin “triplet” and Dave Nonis degenerated in ways that would be difficult to overcome, for one thing. It became far too public, and plenty of mistakes were made by both sides. Ultimately Carter ended up heading out of town signing for a lot more money, and there was some bitterness in the air after that.

As far as Lindros… I personally think it’s categorically insane to even contemplate it, but who knows. Regardless, it’s an old rumor that’s been beating around for a while. God knows where hockeybuzz picked it up, but we can credit/blame Barry MacDonald on TEAM1040 for starting it almost a month ago.

Best of luck to Lindros, but dear God, I hope he’s not anyone’s idea of a “scoring solution” for the Canucks.

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