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Mats Sundin Needs His Sleep; Computer Hackers Disagree

10/03/2008 at 1:15am EDT

The Vancouver Sun has honored us with possibly the least flattering Canucks headline in recent history: “Canucks Explore the Science of Sleep”

Which sounds like last season, but no… it’s actually just the team’s travel schedule, according to GM Mike Gillis:

“[We] are doing everything possible to to travel as well as we can. To that end, we’re bringing in a company called Global Fatigue Management to look at all our players and their sleep habits and how we travel, and try to help us design the best possible schedule that we can come up with to keep our players fresh.”

He also says that the Canucks travel schedule is a notable part of why Mats Sundin hasn’t yet snapped up the $10 million the team has budgeted for him this season.

“That’s the big inhibitor from what Mats ... from when I spoke to him, the only thing that he thought might be not a positive thing with Vancouver,” said Gillis, who is hoping the consulting firm can help “remove the stigma that is attached to our travel schedule.”

I went to Global Fatigue Management‘s website tonight and made a strange discovery when I followed the link to their “sleep and fatigue analysis” .PDF file: the site had just been hacked by some dude named “Smallw0rm” declaring that “The Ottoman Empire was here!”

Man, oh man… even the freakin’ Ottoman Empire is fu*&ing with my team?

I wish I was only making this up, but here’s the screenshot. The small print at the bottom of the page reads: “this is not hack. Just a OTTOMAN-EMPIRE Turkish Cyber Security Group"s Manifesto..! Ok? Bye…”

Sweet geezus. This team might be cursed.

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