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Kesler, the Sedins and a Fish

02/08/2007 at 10:06am EST

Yet where Canucks fans have ‘finished’ with Kesler is something quite different and does, in fact, remain to be seen. After a modest start to the season, he became a critical presence on the penalty kill and a player who did a lot of things right generally. As Kesler himself commented, “I picked up my game a lot in the second half of the season. I was really making strides, offensively. There’s a lot more to the game than putting up good numbers.”

Very true, and so much of what defines Kesler could be called intangibles.

Kesler had his hip surgery in Denver last week and insists that he’ll be back for the playoffs. He figures on 11 weeks till he can play, which would drop him into a Canucks 2nd round playoff series. (*knock on wood*)

His return will be eagerly awaited.

The Brothers Can Score…

Something mentioned by Jim Hughson on the Sportsnet broadcast a few days ago caught my interest, regarding the Sedins and their combined points this season. I couldn’t make sense of Hughson’s comments, but a friend dropped this information to me about the Tuesday game, which I thought was pretty interesting:


Daniel (3-2—5) and Henrik (0-4—4) Sedin tallied the most points in one game by a pair of brothers since Jan. 28, 1986, when Duane (1-4—5) and Brent (2-2—4) Sutter combined for nine points in the New York Islanders’ 9-2 win over the Toronto Maple Leafs at Nassau Coliseum. The single-game high for a brother duo is 16 points, set by the Quebec Nordiques’ Peter (4-4—8) and Anton (3-5—8) Stastny in an 11-7 victory at Washington on Feb. 22, 1981.

16 points is one hell of a record to have to beat. And that’s for just point totals for two brothers—I wonder what the record is for any two linemates, total points scored in one game. Anyone know?

Not Funny

God, Manitoba sucks. (Kidding). But this team bonding exercise for the Canucks AHL affiliate was a unique one:

Jannik Hansen had never been ice fishing before and he wasn’t really excited about being exposed to the sport for the first time in frigid temperatures.

Still, the rookie forward from Denmark joined his Manitoba Moose teammates on Tuesday when they braved the cold and headed out on the Red River at Selkirk for some team bonding.

“First of all, I thought we were going to be sitting out on the lake at -40 C and that’s not funny,” said Hansen. “But we sat in the shacks and it was pretty warm.

“Other than not catching anything, it was fine. But I don’t think I’m going to go on my own.”

I’ve been ice fishing. Warm shacks or not, you’re still spending your freakin’ day sitting on a frozen damn lake hoping to land some fish that is guaranteed to splash buckets of minus-1,000 degree water all over you.

Oh, yeah, it’s a good time…

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