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Jumping the Shark

07/26/2011 at 5:44pm EDT

imageThe expression may be ‘jumping the shark’ but since its origins with Fonzie, it’s not too often that it’s an actual (well, actual-fake) shark who’s jumping the shark. (Whew—say that three times fast.) And in this case, it is, in fact, a shark. Who’s jumping. From a Hyatt Regency hotel. The SJ Sharks explain:

SAN JOSE – S.J. Sharkie is directing his knack for exciting death-defying stunts towards a good cause.

On Friday, Aug. 26, the San Jose Sharks mascot is participating in The Breathe Extreme Challenge, a fundraiser to fight asthma, lung cancer, emphysema, COPD and other forms of lung disease. He is going to rappel 15 stories down the face of the Hyatt Regency Santa Clara.

I’d beg some reader out there to photoshop this for a laugh, but I suspect the reality of actually witnessing a giant shark-stuffed-with-a-man rappelling down the side of a hotel will exceed any and all of the truly great photoshop efforts you might come up with.

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