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J.O.E. Daking Roy

04/23/2008 at 10:41pm EDT

Patrick Roy’s baby boy Jonathan has decided to spread his wings beyond the world of badly advised goalie fights and is launching a career into the world of hip hop. (*thanks to Bethany at HLog for the heads-up.)

So I tracked down this article on the French pages of Canoe—here’s a bit of the Googley-gobbled translation:

Jonathan Roy, helped financially by his father, Patrick Roy, will launch a disc of hip-hop this summer. He already appears as a sexy star in MySpace [...] Jonathan Roy now wants to make himself known through his music. His artist name? JOE Daking.

His CD hasn’t launched yet, but with the help of Celine Dion (I swear, I’m not making this up) it will be soon. Meanwhile, you want to hear some of it?

While waiting for the exit of its disc, Jonathan is posted in the MySpace site. His songs were listened more than 27,000 times. [...]

As regards the sexy images which paper his page, he says to have done that for “the fun”. One sees him twisted naked in water falls at the sides of his girlfriend in rather daring installations.


Jonathan Roy sings in English because he does not know very well the french. He was educated in Colorado. He said he is guided by Justin Timberlake, an artist whose career he admires. “I dream to sing with him one day,” says Jonathan.

Check out his music at his MySpace page (bearing in mind that you might want to turn down your volume before clicking that link).

I wish I could bring myself to ridicule the kid more—in honor of his insane father—but I really can’t. Aside from the Justin-Timberlake-affection, he’s not giving me much to work with, because the horrible truth is this: his music isn’t actually all that horrible. Not my thing, but not deserving of any of my smartassed remarks, either.*

Which is rather sad… seems like such a wasted opportunity.
*or maybe it’s just that if Roys stay away from hockey, they just don’t annoy me as much? That’s entirely possible.

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