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01/28/2008 at 3:11pm EST

imageSimon Tonekham’s blog relates this odd story of a Barrie, ON high school hockey player—Adam Zussino dyed his hair blue for the upcoming playoffs, and so the school “unofficially” suspended him.

The school officials told him that “hair colour is a concern to parents because there are a lot of different styles related to gangs.” The school officials meanwhile have to take the issue seriously. The dress code from that particular school states that, “Students shall not have extreme colours and styles related to certain subcultures … not in keeping with Christian values.“

Ummm, blue hair offends Christians…? (That’s a new one…) But anyway, support came from a surprising (or maybe not-so-surprising) source—Don Cherry:

Now he is seeing red on how the people treat Adam. This is what he quoted in an interview: “I have heard of political correctness but this is nuts, I mean what the heck is wrong with blue hair?The principal is obviously not a hockey player, This is ridiculous. What’s wrong with dying your hair for the playoffs? All the junior kids do that, and so do some in the NHL. It shows team spirit.“

Okay, first off, this kid and his blue hair couldn’t be mistaken for a gang member in anyone’s universe.


Try joining a gang with that look, and you’ll get slapped into next week.

But more importantly for Adam’s sake, he might want to consider where all this is heading. Sure, it begins harmlessly enough with brightly-colored hair. But the next thing you know, you’re dressing like this in public…


*more on the story at The Barrie Examiner

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