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I'm Not Feeling the "Zen"

12/02/2008 at 4:32pm EST

Since most of the Vancouver media and blogosphere is no doubt talking about how much the Canucks suck today, I’ve decided to leave the topic alone. Instead, I’m focused on something of more immediate importance: a new Canucks Blackberry theme gone awry.

Here’s a screenshot from the new “Zen Theme” for your Blackberry Bold.


Not bad, but then the problems begin…

Basic team fan wallpaper to show off your Canucks fandom is always nice to have for the benefit of people peeking over your shoulder on the bus while you text message Avalanche fans with taunts.

That is, until you get to the Roberto Luongo screenshot:



Is there some noble symbolism here that I’m missing? Because to me, Luongo watering a bush in hockey gear on someone’s front lawn just looks all kinds of wrong.

Perhaps he’s supposed to have just left a kegger at a frat house? In which case, I suppose I should be grateful the wallpaper features him watering with a garden hose…

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