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Game #6 Post-Game

04/22/2007 at 2:31am EDT
Once that game ended, it took me 30 minutes before I could sit at the computer and even DREAM of writing some post-game thoughts, without repeatedly just screaming FU#K! for five straight paragraphs.But I've calmed myself now. I am "zen". I'm so cool with it, I'm practically Buddha. The world is okay again. We will prevail...Oh hell, no... FU#K!It is NOT okay. From the time the puck dropped, that was a team full of so much disinterest, aside from a couple players (Luongo, Burrows...? someone else maybe? oh, who cares... Burrows comes to mind because he hit someone, and I approve; and Luongo was, well, Luongo) that it's surprising the crowd didn't start throwing vegetables at them.God!(*breathe*)Okay...On the bright side -- and I strongly believe there is a bright side -- the Canucks ARE going to win this godforsaken series. Reasons: they won't be beaten three times in a row by fu#king Texas (*breathe, Alanah, breath....*); they will not again be outshot 12-4 in a third period, while down 2 goals (*$*@!!!!); they will not inexplicably go from winning a nearly-even number of faceoffs in the first two periods to suddenly being incapable of winning any in the third; they will not pass the puck in the offensive zone every-fu#king-time they have it, rather than simply shooting it at the net; and so on.Sorry, I'm stopping there. My blood pressure can't take it and I need to consider drinking more tonight.So don't worry -- the Canucks will win the next game.Of course I will be a blithering wreck by the end of it (and halfway there already, it would seem), but they will win.

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