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Game 1: Canucks & Bruins -- The Ghandi Edition

06/01/2011 at 9:00pm EDT

imagePaul keeps telling me I’m supposed to be a shaking, freaked-out mess of stress and hormones going into this series. (Apparently that’s how they roll in Detroit.) But so far, cool as a cucumber out here.

Maybe my composure will head south at about 10 seconds after puck drop, but for now I’m like Ghandi… calm and philosophical about it all.*

Enjoy the game. And this is an open post, if you want to check in. It should be fun: No doubt I’ll be having a complete f&#king nervous breakdown in the comments by about 5:24pm PT.

(*that is, if Ghandi was a masochistic Canucks fan; and had no moral problem with salty orange snacks and cases of beer stacked 2 feet high on the kitchen counter…)

P.S. NBC and Versus think the game tonight features Canucks vs Lightning. Seriously, the mind boggles.

P.P.S. The Charaffe image isn’t mine—came across it at Sportsnet’s forums some time back. Those boys are creative. Me, on the other hand, I start messing with Photoshoppery and bad things happen (poor Dion Phaneuf... dude still won’t return my phone calls).

But if anyone out there has some clever tributes by way of the the photographic destruction of Milan Lucic and friends, please post.

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