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01/21/2008 at 1:48pm EST

Ed Willes in today’s Province notes what he considers one of the more plausible trade-deadline possibilities for the Vancouver Canucks:

The Pittsburgh Penguins are thought to be making centre Erik Christensen available for a physical defenceman and Christensen fits the Canucks’ profile. He’s 24, has decent size and some skill. The injury to Sidney Crosby may effect his availability in the short term, but Christensen might be a fit in Vancouver.

A center would be good, but the guy has scored 6 goals in 38 games this season. Not exactly a solution for scoring woes, and solving those would still be the paramount trade objective for the team, no?

Furthermore, I’m always sort of at a loss for what defenseman the Canucks are supposed to consider excessive enough to their roster that they could trade away without a second thought. The team may have its fair share of good d-men, but they’re also all on a regular rotation through the injury ward. Prospects seem like a more likely trade possibility, albeit a distasteful one.

Regardless, someone like Christensen sounds like a far better possibility than this idiocy I read this morning, related to Philadelphia. A Forsberg floppa’ in the making:

Judging from Forsberg’s recent comments, he’ll want a contract that includes next season and perhaps another, taking him through the 2009-10 season. If that is the case, the aforementioned salary figures (between $2.6 million and $3.5 million) would likely count against the Flyers’ cap….

How in God’s name can numbers like this be thrown around about a guy that hasn’t played hockey in… how long? And in fact, hasn’t even been able to stand up in skates on his own till recently.

To buy him up as a ‘rental’ to finish up this season and take a chance on him makes sense—he’s talented enough to be worth the risk. But signing him to a multi-year deal under the current circumstances would be nutty. Philadelphia can have him.

As far as the Mats Sundin speculation, nothing much to add to what was already mentioned Saturday night. I like Sundin quite a lot really, but he’s 37 years old next month… I can’t conceive what logic there is in losing a ton of assets to rent a player that you aren’t going to necessarily want to (or be able to, regardless) sign at the end of the season.


Lastly, a stray bit of unrelated news that’s probably worth mentioning—more Vancouver time in court today. From Rick Westhead in the Toronto Star:

Tim Danson, who is representing Moore in a $38 million lawsuit against the Canucks and former Vancouver star Todd Bertuzzi, has asked a judge to order the NHL team to provide details of any surveillance done on Moore, according to court documents filed in Ontario Superior Court.

“Since August (2007) I’ve been attempting to obtain ... the full details of any and all surveillance on our clients and any and all information by private investigators retained by (Canucks parent company) Orca Bay,” Danson said in the court documents.

It’s unclear why the Canucks would hire an investigator to watch Moore, who lives with his parents in Thornhill.

Well, I’m not going to argue if it’s right or wrong, but I’d imagine it’s fairly standard practice to hire such an investigator when someone’s suing you for $38 million dollars…

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