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03/15/2008 at 4:48pm EDT

The Vancouver Canucks play the “gutless-pigs” tonight, and Alain Vigneault has a plan:

In: Trevor Linden, Jeff Cowan, Rick Rypien
Out: Brad Isbister, Byron Ritchie, Ryan Shannon

Yeah. That’ll solve everything.

Good to see Linden finally drawing in, but unimpressed to see Shannon & Isbister pushed out. Particularly Shannon—even in a bad game, at least he’s one of the few guys entertaining to watch.

Anyway, listening to the first part of Team 1040‘s Moj & Burns act today, I had the unexpected experience of hearing a surprising number of Vancouver call-in listeners sounding rational, thoughtful, unpanicked, and even (shock!) patient with the most recent two losses. (But then again, one of the show’s hosts managed to interject the perspective of “the Canucks are pu#$ies,” so I suppose my intelligent-hockey-radio experience still had its usual limitations…)

But they had some good stuff, too. A enjoyable interview with Alex Burrows recorded yesterday, etc, etc. Check out the Team’s podcasts when you can.

Other things to do and read before this 4pm (ie. “too early to watch while drunk”) game:

If you need somewhere to hang out at game time, the Yankee Canuck is doing a liveblog. I might even be hanging out there myself…

Finally, the best line in Canucks blogging this week deserves a mention. Zanstorm at Waiting for Stanley tossed out this observation of Markus Naslund on Thursday night:

Did you see how Naslund acted after Jovo tagged Morrison? He stood in between the Canucks and Jovo and went into Jovo’s face like a ref would and told him to stop the roughing. That’s not cool. He should have popped him one. Nazzy is too passive. He reminds me of Jesus I think.

...which immediately reminded me of this image which has been floating around the net for years:


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