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01/04/2008 at 7:22am EST

According to the AP, the Vancouver Canucks’ win against the New York Rangers, despite a less-than-brilliant showing by the team, didn’t require much more than the obvious: Roberto Luongo picking up his 6th shutout. And apparently the Rangers didn’t much disagree:

Gomez said the Rangers didn’t create enough traffic in front of Luongo.
“He’s too good. Anything he sees, he’s going to stop. Everyone in the world knows that. We just didn’t get enough guys in his face.”

But was it simply Luongo who saved the day? Or was it Ryan Kesler? Or how about Pamela Anderson and that blowhole??? Hmmm…

Jason Botchford at The Province was initially most enamoured with Ryan Kesler.

In a down-and-dirty performance that emanated heart, soul and backbone, Kesler managed to unleash his best do-it-all game to spark the Vancouver Canucks while frustrating—even manhandling—the New York Rangers’ top line.

“Can’t you hear? I can’t even talk,” Kesler said, trying to laugh, when asked how his face felt after taking a high stick from Rangers’ goalie Steve Valiquette late in the game. “But it feels good. It feels good to get the win. I just wish I had got out of the way of that high stick.

But ultimately, it was a Pamela Anderson sort of night for Canucks fans, as she watched the game from one of the luxury boxes. And the thing about Pamela Hockey... the performance might not be that impressive, but no one’s going to complain much about getting lucky at the end of the night.

Botchford had the same idea… except with less of my stupid innuendo and more directness. Hell, I think he forgot there even was a hockey game to write about after a certain point:

The kiss-cam comes up in the third period on the big screen and Anderson is all tongue as she dangles it in the jaws of Fin, the Canucks mascot. No word on what impact the deep, sexy French kiss had on Fin’s blowhole. You may be saying “that sounds awesome.” It was.

Sweet Geezus. Yeah, it was the highlight of my week.

Finally, given that any rational person watching that game came away with the impression that Luongo better not get hit by a bus or the Canucks may as well just follow him into traffic, Ed Willes at The Province provides Aaron Miller’s assessment:

“You’d like to give [Luongo] some more run support. But good teams win when they don’t play their best.”

Fair enough. If you suck and you still win, that’s sort of heartening, actually.

Other stories on the game…

Steve and I did a liveblog of sorts. (Well, the truth is, Steve was the one who commented on the game; I just cheered randomly.)

Jason Jaffray is having a great time. [Brad Ziemer—Vancouver Sun]

Canucks weren’t in a NY state of mind. But they won, anyway. [Elliott Pap—Vancouver Sun]

Glen Sather has some work to do. [Cam Cole—Vancouver Sun]

Brendan Morrison is rehabbin’ [The Province] cut the video of the fight between Ryan Hollweg and Mike Brown, to enjoy over our morning coffee:

Last but not least, Elliott Pap at the Vancouver Sun provides some of his favorite quotes of 2007. Here’s the opener:

“I am the better tennis player, I am the better golfer and I’m also the better looking one, too.”
—Canuck Henrik Sedin takes a few good-natured jabs at identical brother Daniel.

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