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Canucks / Predators Preview -- Time to Dump the Girlfriend

04/28/2011 at 5:30pm EDT

Actually, lets skip the preview and just go straight to the happy ending:

(1) Vancouver vs. Nashville (5)

Game 1: Nashville 3 @ Vancouver 1
Game 2: Nashville 2 @ Vancouver 5
Game 3: Vancouver 2 @ Nashville 1
Game 4: Vancouver 4 @ Nashville 2
Game 5: Nashville 0 @ Vancouver 2

Vancouver wins series 4-1

Phew. Don’t you feel better now, Canucks fans? Now you can relax and enjoy the show!

Actually, the predictions about are from the EA Sports NHL simulation engine, which ran off all the matchups in the first round and correctly predicted every series.

Better than any TSN monkey, right? Plus it’s nice to start out the series with the calming idea that we could possibly, maybe, hopefully, (oh-dear-hockey-gods-please-make-it-happen) actually win... since we’ll probably spend the REST of the damn series terrified we’re going to lose.

Or maybe that’s just me.

Speaking of predictions, I’m going with 4-2 Canucks.

I’ve got nothing against Nashville at this point. I mean, once Tootoo starts up, I’ll probably be cursing them all over the place, but really, I’ve always kinda liked them. Barry Trotz is a coach that makes me nuts as an opponent, but the man has been a magician at making something out of nothing for years, and you have to respect that.

But liking them in the regular season is a different matter from where we’re at, and that all goes out the window now, obviously. A comment from GZ Expat the other day said it perfectly:

Nashville is my ‘girlfriend’ team…the other team I like to keep an eye on and subtlety cheer for in the background. Assistant Coach Brent Peterson took the Winterhawks to their last Memorial Cup win in 1998 and today is battling Parkinson’s disease, but still coaching. I’ve always admired how that team makes the playoffs and is competitive year in and out with so little in terms of budget.

But…I’m dumping the girlfriend for the permanent relationship with the Canucks.

Indeed. Who needs Carrie Underwood? We’ve got a giant fish on our logo and a record-setting amount of alcohol in our fridges—what more could any hockey fan want?

Well, 4 wins. And a defibrillator.

P.S. Yes, I know all the Chief’s endless “Bubba” jokes about Nashville, but I thought it might be nice to start things off politely. I figure Nashville fans will be hating Vancouver fans fast enough without me starting it up. We seem to attract that kind of dislike without too much effort. :)

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