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Making Fun of the Enemy

05/16/2011 at 4:46pm EDT

imageI’m starting to think Sharks fans are sorta cool—or at least have a bit of a sense of humor about their team, unlike too many other people. Aside from getting nothing but polite and thoughtful comments from them personally, I also noted this photoshoppery thread at their message boards, making fun of the Canucks, but also openly inviting Canucks fans to do the same.

Which is where I found this image of (H/D?) Sedin. Posted prior to Sunday, but a nice epilogue for game 1, I think. :)

Of course, appreciating their willingness to spar means taking a few hits ourselves. And while the whole tiresome “Sedin sisters” theme continues on boringly, there’s also some more unusual and entertaining efforts.

Posted by gahddamnit:


Posted by erock-1 (originally posted at HFboards by slocal):


That Luongo bit is pretty clever. I’ll have to think on it a bit if I’m going to compete with that level of evil, but meanwhile, here’s a shot at the Sharks, thoughtfully produced by the Sharks themselves: their “Christmas album” from last December.

A couple screenshots are below (thanks, Sharkspage!) and here’s a direct link for the video in question, of you can click on either of the images.



Maybe everyone else had seen this atrocity before, but I hadn’t. I think my ears are bleeding.

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