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Canucks Blowing in the Wind

04/18/2008 at 2:30pm EDT

“Know how many National Hockey League teams have fired two general managers in the last four years? One. [The Vancouver Canucks]. Know how many Northwest Division teams have won more games or division titles than the Canucks in that time? None.”
—Iain MacIntyre, Vancouver Sun

With the small sampling of votes collected on my poll the other day, Jim Nill is the clear favorite on the list. But if you read the comments at that link, a number of Wings fans provide some thoughtful and detailed reasons why prying Nill out of Detroit is likely to be impossible.

Geez. With this whole mess of a team, I’m seriously concerned I’ll never be able to make fun of the Edmonton Oilers again.

Anyway, a few very good articles related to the Canucks today:

  • GMs shouldn’t act like fans: emotionally. Nonis understood that, Aquilini does not. (Eric Duhatschek, Globe & Mail)
  • Uncertainty top-to-bottom in the hockey operations department, from Steve Tambellini to Stan Smyl to Ron Delorme. (Iain MacIntyre, Vancouver Sun)
  • Mike Gillis should be a serious consideration for GM. (Tony Gallagher, The Province)
  • “I don’t like forwards skating backwards through the neutral zone,” says GM prospect Brian Lawton. (I’m sold—hire him!) (Jason Botchford, The Province)
  • Ownership turned the spotlight on themselves. (Matthew Sekeres, Globe & Mail)

Randomly, speculation in Ottawa about trading Jason Spezza for Roberto Luongo (gimme a break), and a letter writer to the Vancouver Sun stands up for the beleaguered Francesco Aquilini (rich guys need love, too).
*hat-tip to Mark Spector at the National Post, where I spotted the MacIntyre quote at the top of this post

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